What Is An Affiliate Marketer And The Best Program To Join

Saturday, July 13th, 2024
So you want to learn how to become wealthy as an affiliate marketer, but you’re a beginner, or you’re looking for better online solutions and support. You’ve decided you want to become an online marketer, and make money through affiliate marketing.

You’ve chosen affiliate marketing, because based on your research, you found it seems to be the gateway, where you can get started in the online Internet Marketing world, and where you can establish your career.

You know you don’t need a product of your own, as you can promote someone else’s. The money potential seems to be great, as it’s one of the best methods to build a passive income online.

Check The Following Boxes If You Agree:

– Do you own a computer or a mobile device and have Internet access?
– Do you have free time available to start your own online business part-time or full-time?
– Can you follow direction by learning the lessons of this concise training program?
– Are you capable of writing detailed articles reports and reviews on time or are willing to learn?
– Are you reliable and promise to treat this like a real job and not just a hobby?
– Do you want to stop jumping from one program or method to the next with nothing to show for it?
– Do you want to create your own online business and blog that you can be proud of to show your loved ones?

How would you like to set up your own work from home office, and claim a portion of your rent or mortgage, computer and Internet usage as a business expense?

The Day In The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer

Imagine you waking up in the morning, logging on to your laptop and your affiliate account, this to check how much money that you made overnight.

“Okay not bad… just $102 last night, well it was a bit of a slow day.”

You decide to lounge around a bit, check up on what’s the latest on social media as you sip your coffee, before making your way across the hall to your home office. It’s now around 9am, so it’s time to start working.

What “work” involves.. is adding a bit of new content to your blog, or sending out an email or two to all the loyal followers who’s subscribed to your squeeze page.

You might then chat with the person who creates your graphics for you.

It’s not really that hard this laptop lifestyle, this because you don’t need to do that much work, as what your blogs will do is all the hard labor for you, on autopilot, as it spews out sales 24/7.

You then decide to go for workout around 11am, and then meet a friend for coffee in the afternoon.

All Joe complains about, is how much he hates his job, that he’s overworked, can’t stand his tyrant boss.

He’s got his fingers firmly stuck in the spokes of the rat race. He then goes back to work, slumped over and defeated.

A Different Mindset

You decide to spend the rest of the afternoon catching up on the latest movie at the local theater. You’re glad that you no longer need to deal with “working for a living” any longer.

What’s it called? Oh right… a job.

On your way home, you check your earnings on your smartphone, and find out that you’ve made another $159 today.

Not too bad for a day’s work.

In fact, you think you might take tomorrow off!

That’s what your average day can look like.

There’s no need to be one of those flashy high-profile “hey look at me!” affiliates, who flaunts their exotic cars while living in a humongous house on the hills.

You can just choose to run a few reasonably small affiliate blogs, and from those you can potentially earn more than a full-time income.

The only costs that are ongoing, are your monthly hosting charges and the cost of an autoresponder, maybe a link tracker. which all works out to be around $100 per month.

You don’t need to pay for advertising, if you don’t want to. So you’re wondering… how do I get there, how can I do this?

The Reality Of Affiliate Marketing

Yes, this is bit of a dream scenario that’s been described, but it’s also entirely possible to do and accomplish, once you commit yourself and follow the steps.

Realize that this description is just the glamour version of being a successful Affiliate Marketer, yet it’s entirely attainable.

Behind the scenes is a lot of hard work that’s required.

Plenty of sweat and labor, as this is your own business that you need to keep adrift.

The key becomes, you need to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re thinking that affiliate marketing can be the ideal occupation for you, then you also need to be prepared to put in the work that’s required.

You need to treat this as a serious business, and not just a part-time hobby that you can do on the side, and then expect the same results.

Affiliate Marketing: The Easiest Hard Job

I built my first affiliate blog after buying and following a training course called “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” or something like that.

What the course focused on, was building SEO (Search Engine Optimized) blogs.

Websites full of keyword fortified content, so it would attract thousands of visitors searching for those keywords and products on the Internet, from search engines like Google.

Those visitors then click to my blog link, read the article, and then BINGO BANG BOOM! I earn revenue.

I promote affiliate products to them, and earn a commission.

So the idea is to build a blog that Google loves, so it can send targeted traffic to you, and the best part is, search engine traffic is always free.

You could also fast-track your earnings if you want to, by paying for ads to get visitors if you want them quicker.

There are plenty of affiliate marketers doing exactly that.

If you decide to pay for your visitors, you can then jump to the front of the line and start earning money right away.

But you’re saying, hey I heard of some marketers spending thousands of dollars on ads, and getting no results?

So it can be a steep and expensive learning curve. So what you want to learn, are ways to get free buyer traffic to your blog instead.

Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work

To be completely honest, I wasn’t 100% convinced that affiliate marketing was for me, that it would work out for me.

On the surface, it appears to be a suckers game, where slick shysters sell you shiny new product after shiny new product.

So I tried it but it didn’t work out right away.

I wrote content, I got better at writing content, but just made one sale for all my efforts as an affiliate marketer, barely getting any visitors to my blog.

Looking back, I can see why I failed, and that’s because I wasn’t convinced, and didn’t take it serious enough, like it’s a real business.

I didn’t do most of the things I was taught.

I just ignored them, such as building back links to my blog, or I began to “spin” my articles to try to cheat Google, along with a bunch of other shortcut methods.

Links are still important to get your blog on the top of Google’s pages.

You need to concentrate on building links, if you want to climb up the search rankings.

And once you get those top search rankings, you could then get plenty of “free” visitors to click on your blog, and turn them into buying customers.

Product = Traffic = Conversions = Money!

But I couldn’t be bothered doing those things, like building links which seemed like hard work, or I didn’t want to hire someone to build them for me, as I just didn’t see a need for that.

On top of that, I was also writing content around keywords and phrases that no one was searching for in the search engines.

I found looking for the proper keywords boring, so I chose whatever keywords I wanted.

I just wrote about the kind of things that I wanted to read myself, but no one came to my blog.

So what were my results? They were embarrassing.

After my first six months online, my blog was averaging just a few hundred visitors a week.

I kept it online and kept on writing content, because it wasn’t really costing me that much to run, but I didn’t put too much concerted effort into it.

After a few years, it was now getting around 6000 visits a month, but still wasn’t earning that much, maybe just a few Adsense clicks..

It began to grow, as I decided to write an article a day, hone my writing skills, but the little money I made barely covered the hosting.

It was money that you’d find underneath a car seat.

Hardly enough to live on. I then decided that I wasn’t cut out for affiliate marketing, that I wasn’t ruthless enough.

I couldn’t play the game that those heavy hitting “gurus” were playing.

But Then Things Began To Change…

Google then decided to do some housecleaning. They decided to do a major renovation and rewrote their algorithm. They decided to completely changed how they ranked websites.

They began to place less importance on back links.

So I thought great, all those links that I was supposed to build, if I had wanted to get my blog ranked, didn’t matter that much any longer.

Google at one time decided that links weren’t that important anymore.

All those links that everyone else built for their blogs, were suddenly “devalued” virtually overnight.

Those blogs that had massive amounts of back links to boost their search engine rankings, their sites virtually plummeted and disappeared.

Some sites that built too many of these back links artificially, were now getting penalized for it.

There were a boatload of successful affiliate marketers, who lost their first page rankings along with their income within a week.

For those who experienced it, it felt like an apocalypse for affiliate marketing as we knew it.

But there were also some who rose from the rubble, and emerged to the forefront and their sites began to rank as a result.

And it turn out, temporarily anyways, until Google had another algorithm change, that my miserable failure of a blog was luckily one of them that began to rank.

This because I neglected all those years to build those back links that I was supposed to.

My blog passed through Googles new ranking protocol with flying colors.

All while other affiliate marketers were scrambling to find ways, so their sites wouldn’t get penalized.

My site began to generate more “natural” links.

Other sites began to voluntarily link to me, and that’s what Google wanted. As a result, my rankings kept rising, as the competition was being washed away.

The Secret Combination Of Content And SEO

So what then made my site different from the other affiliate sites, that got nabbed for stuffing links, and couldn’t recover.

What I accidentally stumbled upon, was a strategy that worked in the post-apocalyptic SEO landscape.

Why Most Affiliates Fail

The reason why a vast majority of affiliates fail, usually comes down to two reasons:

• They can’t get enough targeted visitors to their blogs

• They can’t get those visitors to convert and buy something

For the majority of the time, it’s one of these two problems, usually both.

So what’s wrong, why can’t you get any visitors to your site?

You’re not going to make any money as an affiliate marketer, if you can’t get targeted traffic to click on your affiliate link and buy something.

This means you need to get plenty of traffic to your blog.

You also realize that you could get thousands of visitors to your blog today, right now, while doing nothing, if you’re willing to pay for it, by advertising.

You then hope to heck that you make a profit by placing those ads, as you realize so doing so can be a fools game, if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Where Is All That Traffic

The most difficult thing for affiliate marketers, is to get free targeted buyer traffic to their blog without paying for it, this either through search engines or from social media.

It can be done however, as there are many who are doing so right now, while the majority are failing at it.

The best way to get free traffic to your site, this since the dawn of Internet Marketing, is to convince others, as in other site owners and your visitors, to share your content.

You need other sites, people, bloggers, to voluntarily link back to your blog from their social media accounts, or from their website, since that’s how your site will rank better in the search engines.

This is how your blog will get the exposure that it needs, which leads to more visitors and more links, and eventually sales.

So what you need to find is a way to get your readers, other sites, blogs, and owners of social media accounts, and convince them to voluntarily share your content.

So Where’s The Money

There are a few reasons, why your blog can’t get any traffic.

Reason No#1 – Your blog isn’t that good looking compared to the other sites out there. It might look nice to you and it expresses who you are, but to others, it’s not pretty. Just ask your worst enemy, your worst critic what they think of your blog, and demand that they tell you the truth. If your blog makes no sense, if no one can understand what it’s about, then no one’s going to share it.

Reason No#2 – Your content is not very good, in fact it’s really bad. There are far too many useless repetitive words that doesn’t mean anything or excites the reader. It just blends in with the other boring bland content out there on the Internet, so no one is going to share it.

Reason No#3 – You’re trying to rank for certain keywords that explains your niche, but the ones you choose are too competitive. There are already tons of professional blogs and websites out there, who’s got the know how and the budget to do it better than you. That’s why they’re on top. If someone’s looking for an article to share, they’re going to share one of those other sites articles, and not yours.

In the past, you could just build, or buy a bunch of links for your blog, and you would rise to the top of the search engines.

But ever since Google did their major algorithm switch, what you now need is to convince your visitors to share your content.

So it has to be good enough to be worth sharing and linking to.

Well guess what?

No one wants to share or link back to your blog, because it doesn’t do anything for them, it doesn’t look good or the content is useless to them.

And guess what else?

Do you know who’s the expert at building these crappy blogs? You guessed it, it’s us affiliates.

The reason being, most affiliates don’t build blogs and write content for the love of it, they do it for the money.

This is when you need the proper training.

So take a look around, there’s proof everywhere, start looking at your blog first.

I Said Show Me The Money Now

So that’s the simple reason why you can’t get any traffic. It’s because your blog and content isn’t good enough, or you’re going after keywords that are too hard to rank for, or they’re too competitive.

But there is a silver lining, some good news for you.

You’re now thinking, you beat me up pretty bad, so how could there possibly be any good news?

Well, the good news is you can step up your game, you’re just usually a minor mind shift away, and you can start ranking past the other blogs out there.

This is if you’re willing to do what you need to, and that’s more than the bare minimum.

You’re then a step closer to that dream of becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

So you’re wondering, how can I learn to write better content for my blog, that will attract readers to buy my product or link back to me.

Last but not least, there’s another problem that most affiliates face, and that’s just as bad as not getting any traffic.

This is when you’re able to generate some traffic to your blog somehow, you can’t convert that traffic so you can make money.

Why Traffic Doesn’t Convert Into Sales

If you’re someone who’s managed to get traffic to your blog, but they never stick around, they never buy anything, that’s bad news for you as an affiliate.

It can become heartbreaking.

There are several reasons why the visitors that do come to your site, aren’t converting into sales. At times, all you need is to just make a few tweaks, where other times you’ve done things completely wrong from the very start.

Reason #1 – You’re promoting products that nobody wants or fits your niche, so they don’t buy. If you don’t pick the right products to sell, then regardless of how great your blog is, they’re not going to buy. Or you might be promoting products that are great, but you’re promoting them to the wrong people.

• Either way, they’re not going to buy, so you?re going to have a difficult time making any money.

Reason #2 – You’re not properly funneling your visitors towards a sale. Just because you get visitors to your blog, doesn’t mean that they’ll buy something. The best affiliate blogs are those that effectively moves their visitors closer to a sale, this through a variety of different content and subtle psychological convincing.

• Digital marketers like to call this a “sales funnel,” and that’s really all what a well constructed affiliate blog is. It’s a huge vacuum of a sales funnel. Every post and page on your blog, should be leading your visitors towards a sale.

• This doesn’t mean you just slapping “BUY NOW” links or a blinking banner in the middle of the article. Some of the best sales funnels, are the ones where your visitors can’t tell if you’re trying to sell them anything or not.

Reason #3 – You’re targeting the wrong type or group of buyers. If you’re constantly attracting the type of visitors who’s never going to buy anything, you’re not going to make any sales. Most affiliates focus far too much on just getting traffic, but won’t pay enough attention on whether that traffic will convert or not.

• Realize that not all traffic is the same. Some traffic is much more likely to buy than others. If you’re focusing on the wrong type of traffic, what you’ll get are a lot of visitors, but no sales.

Ways To Becoming A Successful Affiliate Marketer

1) – Choose the right products along with the right niche to promote. Find the products and niches that are proven to perform well.

2)- Target the right people, the ones that you know will buy. Target them with the proper keywords, and the proper type of content.

3) -:Build a solid sales funnel that will move these buyers towards a sale. Write about the right things at the right time, this to build up their interest in your product.

4) – (If you’re wanting free traffic) Build a blog that people will gravitate towards and wants to share. Create content that gives people what they’re wanting, and the job of promoting your blog becomes much easier.

The Solution To Your Affiliate Marketing Struggles

What would you think, if you found a “make money online” or a “become a home based affiliate marketer” training program, where the owners of the site will never do the following:

• They will never tell you, that they want to sell you a “Get Rich Quick” program or solution, that you need to buy right now, so there’s “no bright shiny object syndrome!”

• They will never tell you that you can make millions, or heck, even $100’s in the next few days with just a few clicks of your mouse button, as that’s just not realistic!

• They will never use high pressure tactics such as using panic “timers,” aggressive popups, or the price of their product rising a dollar with every hour that ticks by, where your “one-time” opportunity will be gone forever!

• They will not tease you with their expensive yacht, exotic sports cars, or they living a dream life in a mansion that’s close to the beach. They never yell into their videos or their sales letters, telling you how rich they are, and you too can live that same lifestyle!

• They never brag about how much money that they’re making online every day while doing nothing. Instead, they want to help you reach your financial goals!

What you would think if you found an Online Affiliate Marketing Training Academy that:

• Will never ask for your credit card until you’re ready to join, after the free trial period!

• One that offers you FREE membership privileges to access their valuable affiliate marketing training with no strings attached, so you can feel touch and learn what you’re getting in to, and then decide on your own if it’s right for you!

• How about being able to participate in an online community, or live chat with other affiliate marketers, that’s now over a million members strong, all ready to help you succeed, as they’re always there to help you!

• How about the owners of the company, who are also participating members of that community, who are always online and available to help you. At times, they’ll even reach out and contact you first!

Why You Need To Join

This is core foundational rare salt of the earth Internet information. The common denominator cannot be broken down any further when it comes to transparency.

It’s a ground floor opportunity, a starting point where Internet fortunes can begin.

What’s included is an introduction or a refresher course for some, where you learn the ins-and-outs, a step by step process.

One that will help you become a successful affiliate marketer, on an All-In-One platform.

You’re granted backdoor access, full exposure, invaluable education, all wrapped up in an inclusive complete Done-For-You academy, so you can start your own home based online business.

The Technology Is All Taken Care Of For You

Face it, having to deal with technology is a pain.

It’s a forever moving target and you don’t want to spend any part of your day dealing with it.

What you get is concise instruction on how to set up your blogs, how to pick a niche, how to choose the proper keywords, how to pick the proper affiliate products, how to generate traffic that can convert into sales.

You also get fully managed, state-of-the-art cloud based webhosting to house all your blogs, that’s included…

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