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Saturday, July 13th, 2024

Everyday there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people around the world, who decides to investigate the idea of working from home on the Internet. They want to become a Wealthy Affiliate.

To start their own home based marketing business online. Almost everyone however, is also wary of being scammed on the Internet, as it remains a wild unregulated frontier.

What many have heard, perhaps you, is that some have made massive amounts of money in affiliate marketing. There are stories of super affiliates out there, who’s become extremely wealthy doing so.

So since you’re pretty savvy on the computer, and you’ve been on the Internet for years, you know how to navigate around.

You might even know how to build your own blog, or have previously done a bit of online marketing, and are willing to learn more.

You have a basic idea of how Affiliate Marketing works, understand the ins-and-outs of how and why Online Marketing can be the ideal home based business.

Then there are others, who aren’t as computer smart, but the itch is there to learn. Either way, you’re at the right place.

What you have is the hunger to start your own online business, to make a new beginning, as you’re determined to fulfill this dream, of making money online.

The Internet Evens Out The Playing Field

The Internet is the great equalizer. The level of your education or knowledge, of you becoming a budding Internet entrepreneur, doesn?t matter when it comes to the degree of success that you can realize.

There are documented case studies that are verified, of some who has reached dizzying heights of success.

Some of them have never finished high school, or have hit rock bottom head first multiple times, or they’re now 67 years old and finally found success.

To Become Successful Online

Do you have what it takes. There are certain characteristics that those who succeed at working from home online, and becoming an Affiliate Marketer all have in common:

• They are all motivated self-starters

• They always have a positive attitude

• They have strong work ethic and are willing to learn

• They develop the necessary skills to survive in the virtual Internet jungle out there

If you are considering starting a business working from home, then you’re already a step ahead of most of the people out there, as you’re obviously a self-starter.

You wouldn’t dare consider thinking of starting such a venture, if you didn’t have a positive attitude.

You are also apparently willing to learn, as you are reading this report thus far.

Starting an online Internet business, can be seen as the electronic equivalent to living in a jungle in the rain forest. There are plenty of lions, tigers, sharks and snakes out there.

Realize that achieving success isn’t at times based on education. but It’s more on being able to survive this online jungle, by using your street smarts.

Surviving The Internet Jungle

Affiliate marketing has proven to be an extremely lucrative home based business, and a place where almost every online marketer will admit where they got their start.

If you’re a newcomer however, realize you can’t learn it overnight, that there’s a steep learning curve to learn it properly, as there are multiple traps that you can fall into.

There are Affiliate Marketing programs out there, who tries to disguise itself as data entry jobs for instance, solely for the purpose of fooling young stay-at-home-moms, or retired people.

They trick them into spending hundreds of dollars of their hard-earned money in a program, where they are promised they can earn $127 a day by next week.

Realize that anyone who want’s to earn a quick dollar online, who has a computer and Internet connection, can advertise instructional programs, and once they get your money, they can vanish into thin air.

Most of these ?helpful? folks, these so called gurus will do is simply gather information that’s readily available on the Internet, package it differently, and then write some slick advertising copy.

They will then sell it to unsuspecting hard working ‘newbies,’ who haven?t learned the ropes yet.

10 Questions Before Buying A Product

So before you get seduced into buying a product that appears too good to be true, or sign up for a course or a membership, and pay money for it in advance, make sure you do some research first.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

Question #1: Can I find this same information by myself for free on the Internet?

Question #2: Is this information something that I really need right now?

Question #3: Can this information help me make money in affiliate marketing?

Question #4: Is the information that’s being offered really what it appears to be?

Question #5: Is there a money back guarantee if the program doesn’t work as promised?

Question #6: Would I be required to spend additional money, such as one time offers (OTO’s) to implement the information?

Question #7: Does the program assume that I have more computer skills than I actually have?

Question #8: Is the person who’s teaching the course knowledgeable, someone who’s well-known?

Question #9: Does the sales page and advertisements sound too good to be true, is it too over the top?

Question #10: Are there any favorable reviews from those who’s actually bought the product and tried out it out, or are they just affiliate marketers who’s hyping up their review to earn a commission?

The Dream Of Working From Home

If you’re considering working from home, accept the fact that you’ll initially be working more hours for less money, than your 9 to 5 job in that office downtown.

On the other hand you won’t have the costs that are associated, the related expenses of working at a “brick and mortar” job either.

• Gone is the expense of traveling to and from work

• Gone are the expenses of buying and wearing suitable clothing for work

• Gone are the expenses of day-care or doggy day care

• Gone are the expensive coffees or needing to buy a costly lunch on occasion

These are all positive qualities, each and every one of them. There are a few downsides working from home however, such as isolation or at times having the motivation to getting some work done.

Make Sure That You’re Well Prepared

When you start earning a living from home on your computer, you think of yourself as being in a safe environment.

That all of the bad guys, all of those “shysters” out there in the real world, who are waiting to mug you on your way to work are all gone, right? Sorry… wrong.

Once you connect your laptop to the Internet, what you’re doing is walking into a virtual jungle that is fraught with dangerous predators.

Most are even more dangerous than in real life, because they remain completely anonymous and can be anywhere in the world, lurking and hiding. You’ll rarely catch them.

In order to successfully hold your own in the online world, what you need is to be aware of all the dangers that awaits you.

Staying safe however, staying on the right side and protecting yourself is up to you. You need to know where all the snakes and sharks are hiding.

You know there are plenty of traps that are set, that you can fall into. Bait that’s used to entice you. There are shortcuts that aren?t really shortcuts, that will promise to lead you to where you want to go.

As they say, “The best offense is a good defense!” What your good defense consists of, is being well armed and fully informed, well prepared by being on guard.

Recognizing Real Opportunities

Realize that you can also become too overly wary of all the dangers out there in the Internet jungle, so much so, that you become paralyzed and paranoid by every dart that’s thrown your way.

You begin to think that everything and everyone is a scam. You then shut yourself down, and then miss all of the real opportunities once they do present themselves.

You have to understand that not all of the natives on the dark murky Internet are all unfriendly or scam artists. There are some who are willing to help you.

So yes there are a some who’ll feast themselves on the unaware, the novice and the gullible, and try to rip you off. So you need to remain vigilant.

There are also plenty of good people out there. Genuine people who wants to help. So the key becomes to recognizing who they are.

Danger and opportunity lives side-by-side in the online affiliate marketing world. So you need to know how to tell the difference between the two.

You don?t want to fall into a trap and get eaten alive, but you also don’t want to miss out on the real and genuine opportunities that are also abound.

To help yourself recognize the good opportunities and avoid the bad ones, begin by asking yourself these questions:

1. ) Is The Offer Ethical Or Legitimate? In order to answer this question about any opportunity that you’re presented with, whether it be a membership or buying a piece of software, you need to know the rules and regulations that governs the specific situation.

Knowing the laws, the rules and regulations arms you to be able to recognize a real opportunity from the scams.

2.) Is The Opportunity Genuine… Does It Make Sense? There are plenty of slick hype out there that can be convincing, where at times it becomes difficult to get past the hype, and then you can’t decide if the offer is genuine or not.

Learn to ignore all the sleek so-called “guru” salesmen, who you’ve never heard of before, and take a long hard look at what the product or service actually is.

Only you can determine what’s real and what’s just fluff. Use your gut instincts to decide if it’s hype, that it’s just another polished sales spiel.

3.) Ask Yourself How It Can Help You? Whether you’re thinking about buying a seminar, a webinar, a video course, or that expensive piece of software, ask yourself if it will really help you get to where you want.

Educate Yourself First

Everybody you know, knows something that you don?t know. It might just be what you do or don’t do. Regardless, everybody has a secret, that you can learn from.

What’s often been said is… ?Get an education.? Everyone has been preached this since grade school, because it’s good advice.

Most think that education is getting formal training. Go to school Johnny….go to college….get advanced degrees. It?s not bad advice, but that’s only one way to get educated.

A better education you can get is experience. This by making mistakes, falling flat on your face, and then getting back up and learning from it.

When you make your plans to start your online Affiliate Marketing business, you need to start educating yourself.

You need to set aside a certain amount of time each and every day, to learn something new that you need to know….something that will help you reach your goals. Something about the niche that you are concentrating on.

Knowledge is power! Knowledge makes surviving and thriving in the Internet jungle possible.

Planning Your Affiliate Marketing Adventure

There’s an anonymous quote you need to abide by. ?Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.? It may sound a bit trite for some, but it’s extremely accurate.

A business plan is not only important, it’s vital to achieving any measurement of success. It is similar to a road map. You wouldn?t think about taking off on a cross country road trip, without a road map.

The first thing you need when making your business plan is knowing where you are now, what your assets are, and what your ultimate destination is.

If you don?t know where you’re going, how will you know once you get there? This ultimate destination is your long range goal, so write it down, otherwise it will become a constantly moving target.

Then take that information, and begin taking the baby steps that’s needed to get from Point A to Point B. The journey will not be accomplished by taking a few giant steps, but rather many small ones.

Find A Mentor Or A Program

Having a map is great.. but.having a guide, a directory is better. Having both a map and a guide will almost guarantee that you will arrive at your destination, without taking a lot of detours and side trips.

So go find a guide… Finding a step-by-step program, will become your biggest asset.

If you know where you are, and where you want to go, a mentor can then show you the quickest and most direct path on how to get there.

At times, well-seasoned well established Internet marketers, or affiliate marketing programs will take you under their wing, and will guide you to making the proper business decisions….lead you down the right path.

However, you need to be ready, you need to recognize the opportunity once it crosses your path.

You need to go out and actively look for this guide, a directory, a program or a membership to find this mentor.

Ask lots of questions and then listen to the answers. Take the advice of those who have already made all the mistakes, and are willing to help you avoid the same pitfalls.

They will prevent you from tumbling into the same traps that they fell into.

Getting Yourself Ready

You are close to being ready to begin your big adventure in affiliate marketing, and you will be better prepared and equipped than 98% of the people out there. You are going to succeed!

Double check what you need, and be certain that you have what’s necessary. Make a check list, on what’s required from you to successfully earn money in the affiliate marketing jungle:

1. Have An Itinerary: Know exactly where you are. Know exactly where you want to be. You should have an excellent and doable business plan that will get you there.

2. Information: You should by now have the following information:

• You know all of the hazards out there: You know about all of the potential dangers, and are prepared to either avoid them or overcome them.

• You can identify most of the pitfalls: There are greedy people out there that feasts on the novice. There are also plenty of mentors that will help you survive and thrive. You need to know the difference.

• You know of all the baits and the traps that are used: You can now spot these scams and not get caught.

How You Need To Mindfully Prepare Yourself

• Ambition – Success when it comes to affiliate marketing depends a great deal on ambition, desire and willpower. Unless you’re willing to do everything you can to secure a better life for yourself and your family, your success is in jeopardy.

• Determination: Very large doses are needed. You will be using your determination to keep yourself motivated when it appears like very little is happening. Realize that you will fail and then fail again, but then that’s a notch closer to becoming successful.

• Strong Work Ethic: You need really strong drive. You must be willing to work as long and as hard as you need to, so you can reach your goals. This work ethic needs to be strong enough to keep you from succumbing to taking ?shortcuts,? that will end up taking longer.

• Time And Patience: You will need a lot of patience…. so have plenty of it. You will initially have to sacrifice some pleasures in your current life, so you can spend more time on your home based affiliate marketing business to get it going.

• Dedication: You need to do all the heavy lifting that’s required, such as to write content, SEO, promote, build opt-in lists etc. If you’re not willing to put in the time, you’ll be tempted to believe that you can make money without having to work. You need to work extremely hard.

• Perseverance: The Internet was supposed to make life easier, and it did make a lot of things quicker. Success however, was not one of them. You will still be required to use a lot of patience and perseverance, as you chase success in the Internet jungle.

• Hard Work = Luck: You will need a bit of ?luck, which many define as when… hard work meets opportunity. Once you mix in a bit of ambition, determination, work ethic, time, hard work and patience together in equal portions, what you seem to get is luckier.

Accept This Opportunity

You have a lot of nerve. Please take this as a compliment, as what It takes is nerve and a bit of risk to venture into any new situation. Starting an affiliate marketing business takes a lot of courage.

This is because you’re not someone who’s satisfied with average, the Status Quo. And the reason why you’ve decided to look into online marketing, and start your own home based business.

Not being easily satisfied is an admirable quality. One that will help to grow, persevere and thrive. You’re not someone who’ll quit the first time you fail.

Get Ready For The Challenge

In order to activate change in your life for a better future, you need to have a clear plan for making those changes.

You must have a clear definition, a precise destination, a detailed plan so you will reach that goal.

?I want to work at home….” or “I want my own online business? isn’t a plan. That?s more of a wish. Wishes can come true however, if you have a plan and take action on it.

You need to prepare yourself for a long and hard journey through the Internet jungle. You need to prepare for failure, making a lot of mistakes, and fight off all the shysters out there, wanting to take advantage of you.

You need to get ready to learn and then defeat all of the dangers and the obstacles that will stand in your way, between you and your destination, your goals.

It’s true that Internet marketing can be a dangerous place for some, one that’s filled with scams, traps and obstacles, which at first sight appears insurmountable.

It’s also true that online affiliate marketing is ripe with opportunity, for those who have the ambition, passion, the drive and the determination to venture out and conquer it.

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