About Us

Hello this is Mick.
Welcome to the world of online affiliate marketing. You found this site because it was calling out to you, inviting you, as it was for me. That it’s time and the right opportunity. You’re now serious about your financial future and the reason why you’re here. Please join, follow the training, get acquainted with the community, and you will become successful.



Before You Begin…
First, take inventory of yourself. Know the exact level of your knowledge when it comes to Online Affiliate Marketing on the Internet, this to understand your learning curve.

Also take inventory of how serious you are to start your own home based business, and begin establishing your own sustainable income. That you promise to work hard, and not give up regardless of how difficult it may become.

You may be an absolute beginner, who has no idea where to start, and are at ground zero. Or you are an experienced marketer, who is looking for world class hosting for your domains and WordPress sites. This platform is suitable for both.

This program may not be for you however, if you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, as this is not a shiny new object. What you’ll learn instead is a foundational step-by-step training program, that will establish you as a successful Affiliate Marketer.

The Starter Membership is a free 7 day trial membership. CLICK Here

While you have the option to remain as a free member, the value of this program is in the Premium Membership.

You can see a breakdown of what’s offered in both the Starter and the Premium Memberships here:
CLICK Here – The PREMIUM Membership – In a League of its Own!

Note that after the 7 days, you can still access the website and the Level 1 courses, which includes the Bootcamp training. You can also still read everything that’s going on. What you lose however, is communication with the other members, and eventually your free blogs will be phased out. So there’s no longer availability to the Live Chat or comments, etc.

The first month after the free 7 day trial, once you become a Premium Member, is discounted at $19. Then it becomes $49 per month after that.

The $49 gives you access to the complete training, access to the community and chat, and 50 WordPress websites that are hosted on the hosting platform.

Affiliate Program

There is also a recurring affiliate program, where you earn 50% or $24.50 for every person that you refer to the program, paid every month for as long as that person you referred remains a member.

So regardless of your level of knowledge, the key becomes to sign up 2 members to the affiliate program as soon as you feel comfortable, then your $49 monthly fee will be covered.

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