4 Steps On How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Online

Friday, June 14th, 2024
What it takes is a special breed of individual who’s willing to learn, to become a successful entrepreneur, such as an Affiliate Marketer. The ability to come up with different ideas on how to make money, put it into action, while knowing not all ideas will work out favorably. So resilience becomes key.

Your journey begins now, to become a successful entrepreneur as a Wealthy Affiliate, from this moment on.

What the statistics show however, is that quitting your job and trying to become an entrepreneur tomorrow, is a risky proposition as you need to prepare for it.

What’s known is that successful entrepreneurs minimizes their risk, while keeping their focus on the end reward.

If you want to become a winning entrepreneur yourself, what you need is to have the right type of personality, and the right attitude.

There are 4 common characteristics that every successful entrepreneur can learn.

The Making Of An Entrepreneur

As fate would have it, I once met this gentleman who was on a quest “to make money online.” At the beginning, he told me he struggled doing so.

He was extremely frustrated with his results, so he took a few weeks off to go backpacking, to unwind, to reflect — which is how we crossed paths.

After conversing with him for a bit, he explained that he has been trying various “money making methods online” on the Internet, for a while now.

He hasn’t however, earned enough money to cover for his hosting and the domain expenses yet.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty typical story.

There are many, perhaps you, who’s is in the same exact spot that he was in, and it can be one of the most frustrating phases of the entrepreneurial journey.

Slipping And Sliding Sideways

The emotional yo-yo effect of emotions that you go through to become an entrepreneur, can be exhausting.

The incredible highs of anticipating success and freedom, and the frustrating lows of constant defeat, resulting into anger.

Working hard and not seeing results…or worse yet, the helpless feeling of not knowing what the heck you should be doing next.

I kept in contact with him over the years, and after some time, he was happy to report, he has become a successful entrepreneur.

So if he can do it, then so can you.

He has agreed to share with me, his 4 steps, the 4 characteristics that you or anyone else needs, to become a successful entrepreneur.

One Word Of Caution — You can easily chalk up these steps as being too “broad” and “fluffy.”

That they’re too generic and then continue on with your life, continue to do the same things you’ve always done.

But if you take these 4 steps seriously, embrace them to heart, internalize them, and consciously make an effort to follow them, you will see success…you truly will.

Step One – Stay Laser Focused

Remain laser focused by pursuing one specific business model at a time, one that a 12 yr. old could fully comprehend and do.

You are most likely trying to make money online, in a few different ways right now, trying to cover all the bases.

Perhaps you are trying a few marketing methods or a few traffic sources within a method, all at once.

Well stop spreading yourself so thin, and put your energy into just ONE model with the highest upside potential for your niche.

One that’s simple enough to explain to a child.

Remain Singular
Diversification is an evil beast, when you are just starting out.

Diversifying however becomes the key, once you’ve experienced success and are expanding your business.

Don’t get caught in the trap of jumping around from one method to another, or jumping around within the same method if you are new.

True diversification means getting one income stream to work first, and then grow that income stream while simultaneously getting another to work…and so on.

It does not mean building 5 different income streams at once, all which will invariably fail.

It doesn’t really matter which specific method you choose, just pick one and stay laser focused on it.

Be Specific
A specific business model IS NOT…CPA Marketing, and offline marketing, and affiliate marketing, and product creation, and digital media.

All that you’re doing, is attempting to work under the entire Internet Marketing umbrella.

You need to have a more specific path, to focus on.

Here are a few examples. Think about what you’re doing and come up with your own.

• Create informational products to help people naturally overcome insomnia
• Drive SEO traffic to advertorial landers that promote dating CPA offers
• Drive affiliate traffic to your blog from X traffic source to Y niche

Hopefully you get the idea. Make sure that you are extremely specific in your quest.

To be honest, what matters less is which specific model you commit yourself to, but more that you focus on one model instead of dabbling around like most novice marketers will.

The more specific that you get, the less trouble you’ll have knowing which steps you should be taking.

it encourages action, and that is the key to success.

Despite what you read on sales letters and on forums, MOST paths online do work.

It’s just a matter of getting them to work… and that’s why staying laser focused is critical.

So A 12 Year Old Can Understand It
If a child can’t understand the value in your business, then the chances are you’re over complicating your value proposition or business model altogether.

You’ll go broke online by trying to “invent” something new or trying to “out-smart” other people, as very few in Internet Marketing has.

You make money by sticking to simple, basic proven value propositions and/or solving basic common problems, while doing a great job communicating that value while solving that problem.

if you can’t explain your entire business model in a sentence or two, if you can’t draw it out on a napkin, then you should simplify what you’re trying to do.

Worry about adding the fancy bells and whistles down the road, after you’ve proven the concept and established a solid business foundation.

This First Step Is The Most Critical Because…

1) – New entrepreneurs naturally try to over complicate things, and
2) – New entrepreneurs often seek the path of less resistance, so they jump around from one shiny object to another, not realizing every path is going to have some resistance

So now that you have a simple specific model you are building your business around, let’s move to step two.

Step 2 – Belief And Conviction

Have the ultimate belief and conviction, that you will build a profitable online Affiliate Marketing business and nothing else.

Have the confidence to follow through and overcome the various small and large obstacles, and have fun conquering them on your way up.

If you want to succeed, you need to be optimistic and believe from the deepest pit of your stomach, that you’re going to make it happen.

Know that it won’t just be “gifted” to you, as there are no “free lunches” in the business world.

But if you believe in yourself strongly enough, you can weld your own platter, make your own luck, and build as large an enterprise as you want.

Have The Confidence
Once you have that belief, now persistently work on boosting your confidence.

The more confident that you become, the quicker that you’ll see success.

Confidence is something that you can never have enough of as an entrepreneur, as it’s an awesome endless journey, not a destination.

The beauty of confidence is that it can be learned.

Subtle things like body posture, the volume and tonality of your voice, and visualization exercises goes a long way into building confidence.

There’s a wealth of NLP-based exercises, that can turn anybody into an uber-confident entrepreneur and person.

Confidence boosting exercises, combined with the increased confidence that you’ll gain from experience, will transform you into an unstoppable entrepreneur.

The confidence you build will open up your personal life, in ways you never thought possible.

Confidence, is the single most important characteristic of highly successful people, who have great businesses and great personal lives.

Confidence is like steroids to an entrepreneur, but legal, healthy, and free.

So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be buzzed up and high on confidence at all times.

Step Three – Setting Goals

Work your butt off doing specific, goal-oriented tasks.

As a new entrepreneur, you’re going to need to work extremely hard, experience more failures than wins. There’s no way around it.

You won’t, shouldn’t and can’t outsource everything from the get-go, and you shouldn’t follow every shortcut you find.

That’s what wannabes do.

Efficiencies and “smart outsourcing” are okay, but focus more on getting things done, and less on building a streamlined, 100% outsourced business.

Build your business first, and then look to streamline your processes later.

Specific Goal Orientated Tasks
The most important part of this step, is establishing specific goal-oriented tasks.

Never, ever work, just for the sake of working.

Building a business is not about “putting in the hours” like a 9 to 5 job.

Sure you need to put in the elbow grease, but those hours should ALWAYS be 100% focused on doing specific tasks and activities, that leads directly closer to your goal.

So just stop “doing stuff” and pretending to be working, because you assume that if you put in enough hours, your business would magically grow.

That’s not how it works.

Stop wasted those hundreds of hours that delays your success, stop burning away those weeks that turn into months, by just working to keep busy.

If you’re working, make sure whatever you are doing is directly getting you closer to your goal.

Do the important tasks first, not the easy tasks.

The important tasks are the activities that directly leads to your growth.

Make sure you concentrate on growth activities, and not maintenance activities.

Step Four – Enjoy The Journey Always Have Fun

The entrepreneurial journey, is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world, and online marketing is the best.

Never before in the history of industry, has it been easier, cheaper, and more attainable for somebody — anybody — to start, build, and grow a successful enterprise online.

The resources and tools that are available, now makes online entrepreneurship a truly level playing field for those “in the know.”

Just Do It Right
You are now becoming one of those people “in the know.”

By virtue of you following the Affiliorama program, you now know the opportunities that are available for you online.

Most people on the planet don’t have a clue about these opportunities, so take advantage of this gift and do something about it.

Realize that your online Affiliate Marketing business, is not ultimately about money.

The money is just an indicator, the proof and compensation that your creation is working.

The real reward, is the freedom and the flexibility that online entrepreneurship yields.

The real reward is the ability to turn an idea into a reality.

Entrepreneurship Is All About Creation

The entire process from your very first domain, to the 100th obstacle that you face is all part of the creation journey.

So soak it up and enjoy it, have fun during every moment of it.

Every small and macro success on your way up, should be embraced and enjoyed… the same way that you face every obstacle and “failure.”

Both success and failure are part of the path towards freedom.

Sure, these four steps aren’t specific actionable steps, but do yourself a favor and commit to embracing them.

What’s then promised is that you’re going to see results… small at first and then they’ll get larger, assuming you stick with it.

As always, work hard, work smart, stay true to yourself to build the business and the life you deserve. God speed.

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