7 Steps To Profit From Your Niche Market

Friday, June 14th, 2024
Before you start writing anything, you need to know your target niche market better then they know it themselves. Every dark crevice needs to be exposed. This may sound a little simplistic, so here is a quick quiz. Can you answer these questions about your niche market?

• What bothers them the most? What keeps them up at night and what constantly worries them?
• What do they fear? What absolutely petrifies them about their problem
• What are the current trends in that niche market? Keep in contact with what’s happening
• What makes them angry? And more importantly, who are they angry at?
• What do they really want? You need to tap deep into your target markets subconscious mind, to find what they secretly want the most
• What type of language do they speak in and understand? Every niche has different slang and industry jargon
• Who else is selling something similar in your niche? Are they successful. If so, analyze why they are

If you know the answers to all of these questions without doing any research, then you know your niche market.

If you can’t, then you have some researching to do.

Know Your Niche Market Inside Out

1.) – Know What Is Bothering Them

If something is bothering an individual, your prospect, then they want to fix it as cheaply and quickly as possible.

For example, if someone was coughing haphazardly, then what would be a solution to that problem?

Some type of cough medicine?

The same concept applies when you’re selling a product or service.

You need to find a common problem and provide a solution for it.

If you are providing a solution that does not fix a problem, then the product is not helpful.

2.) – What Do They Fear

If you can induce fear on someone, you can then increase your sales conversions greatly.

Here is an example in the weight loss niche. If someone is overweight, what do they fear?

One that comes to mind is working out in a public setting, like a workout gym or jogging outdoors.

There are numerous people that are overweight and getting them to exercise in public is extremely hard.

People care a lot about what others think about them.

Another example is the fear of public speaking. It’s at times often feared more than death itself. Now why is that?

The simple answer is, people worry about what others think about them.

Why do you think all of those unregulated ?magic weight loss? pills are sold each year.

Why do you think people will go as far to physically changing their appearance, by paying thousands for cosmetic surgery?

Is it because they fear what people will say or think of them, so it’s an extremely powerful psychological technique to use.

3.) – Keep Up To Date

Staying up to date in your niche market is always a good idea, and highly recommended.

You can do so by subscribing to as many topic related newsletters and forums as possible.

You will then be alerted with the big promotions and developments that are upcoming, which keeps you up to date on what’s going on.

Just think of it as an online news channel, although there may be plenty of advertisements and limited information.

You’ll also know that something big is upcoming, when others start talking about it on forums and on social media, so it’s important to become a participant in these mediums.

4.) – What Makes Them Mad

When you are selling to people, you do not want to make them angry at you.

However, knowing what makes them angry is very important so you can solve or prevent it.

A good way to do this is to look at individuals that people are angry at, and dig deep into the reasons why.

Most often, you may not find one easy trigger.

Some people just do not like people for the heck of it, which is life.

However, some people have legitimate reasons to why they are angry.

For example, if you are a marketer and “spam” people or send them unsolicited commercial email messages, then they will not like you, simple.

A reason for this is because you violated their privacy.

You should always ask for permission before you send out commercial messages (permission marketing).

However, just because you have their permission, does not mean you should be constantly sending them marketing emails.

If a marketer constantly does this, then everyone will become angry.

So, to keep people happy, make sure you find out what makes them angry and avoid or solve it.

5.) – What Do They Really Want

This is an extremely powerful technique to know, when it comes to marketing to your niche.

It involves digging deep into the buyers subconscious mind.

Here is a little Psychology 101, on how the subconscious mind acts and reacts.

This is also a sensitive subject, because the individual is not directly made aware of it.

For example, say you go into a store to purchase an expensive pair of shoes for $200.

You try it on, it feels good, you buy it and walk out of the store.

Why did this happen?

Is it because the shoes felt comfortable?

Why not try on another pair of shoes for half the price or quarter of the price for that matter?

We still have no reason or idea why and not quite sure, why you bought those expensive shoes.

Now, let us say you are talking to a friend at a party and they noticed your shoes.

You then tell them about what exclusive brand the shoes are.

They gasp in admiration.

There you go, we have our answer.

The reason why the shoes were purchased is to feel better about ourselves and drive attention towards us, the status it give us.

People purchase expensive “trendy” designer goods because society associates expensive items with prestige, and it makes people feel more ?DESIRED.?

You have to dig deep and figure out why people really want something.

Can your product help provide that missing something?

6.) – Be On The Same Wave Length

Find out what type of “language” people are speaking in your niche, which can be easy.

First, find out what niche is “hot” by roaming around on the public forums and on social media.

You will find that different social media platforms and especially “groups” will have their different styles of writing.

Try to match their style of writing as close as possible.

People are more likely to purchase from people that they understand, know and like. It’s a proven fact.

It’s obvious that an 18-25 age niche market will talk very differently from a 40-50 age niche, even if it’s the same product.

Just blend in with them by matching their style of writing/language.

There are also certain forums and social media platforms that use different slang dialects.

Some may use ?newbie,? tool,? ?troll,? or ?lol,? more often then other platforms.

Find out what slang they use, and do not add any extra ones in your writing.

7.) – Know Your Competition

Find out what’s working in your industry or niche, and what’s not working.

This sounds simple, but you’ll be amazed how useful this technique is.

Find out what is working and why, and just as importantly, find out what is not working and for what reasons.

Browse the marketplace on Clickbank, if you are selling an information product.

See what’s in the top five of the category of your niche, then check out their “gravity” and how long they’ve been there.

Then, look at the ones towards the lower end of the category.

Analyze their salesletters, and try to find what they are doing wrong.

Remember, the more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be for you to write the salesletter.

You’ve heard the saying? “You can?t understand an individual, until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

Go try write a salesletter about something you have no idea about, and you’ll find it to be quite difficult.

Therefore, this is why knowing your target market inside out, becomes extremely crucial.

The good news is, it is rather easy to find out what bothers them.

There’s no need to conduct an expensive case study, or bribe participants to answer questions, that may not be accurate anyways.

Just become an active member on niche related forums and social media groups.

The longer you stay a member, the easier it will be for you to learn more about them.

You will be surprised how many of the same common problems and concerns arise in the niche, so take note of them.

Then craft your salesletter or blog article to solve that problem.

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