How Do I Get More Readers To My Affiliate Marketing Blog

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024
The majority of blogs online are not usually designated to make money, but are more an extension to an existing website or business. What it does is features a human element. Blogs adds an elemental multipurpose diverse social component to their business concern, one which includes an opinion or an explanation of their core mission.

Blogs generally add connective information that joins the reader and an entity, on a peer to peer basis.

The premise of the Internet remains that everyone wants free information for their ails or issues. So having a blog can act as a method to inform and provide to those readers.

Blogging remains the choice method of content marketing, provided its relevant and precisely focused. Blogging keeps your most current and potential customers engaged to your brand.

According to various sources, there are now over 500+ million blogs online on every conceivable topic, where just a small percentage generates revenue.

For the majority, operating a blog is not a business or a job for them, but more of a hobby.

Getting Your Blog Read

Any blog that registers over 1,000,000 on Alexa (, which is a popularity measurement tool, are not making any money because they’re not getting any traffic.

For companies who uses blogs as gateways for their business, will receive the majority of their leads from their blogging efforts, or sales funnel.

What customers continue to despise are ads on the Internet, promoting anything from ant farms to life insurance. They do not like to be told what to do or what to buy.

But what most love are well constructed blogs, as what they do is create a virtual human bridge to any organization or business online.

The Blogging Platform Of Choice

WordPress remains the preferred platform for blogging, as it’s easy to set up, free to install and use on any hosting platform, and optimizes the best for SEO.

This content management system (CMS) offers thousands of free themes for every niche possible, along with over 50,000 plugins to maximize its potential.

WP plugins for instance, can provide sitemap generation, webmaster tools, and meta optimization for SEO for promotion on the Internet.

• A sitemap allows search engines to find your posts, which helps to improve your search results
• Webmaster tools helps in spotting problem areas on your blog
• Meta/SEO optimization keeps your site relevant, providing maximum exposure to the masses

WordPress can make you look extremely brilliant with a just few clicks, this with the proper web design and plugin settings.

The majority of themes are free, allowing you to be modern and trendy as possible.

Make sure that it’s responsive, meaning it conforms to all the devices on the web, from smartphones to tablets to desktops.

There is nothing that scares away readers faster, than an old tired outdated theme.

Provide Quality Relevant Unique Content

What search engine bots does is scours the Internet, for sites that show authority with unique content.

This in an online world of copy and paste, where content duplication is a major issue.

All of your content at the very least, needs to pass the copyscape test (, a site that scours the Internet for duplicate content.

If there are duplicates, that means you’re copying and pasting someone else’s content on your blog, or someone is copying and pasting yours.

The content also needs to be accepted by your online neighbors such as other similar sites and blogs, others businesses, social media influences in your field or your area of expertise or interest.

If your readers and your business peers are sharing your content on social media, then the search engine bots will take notice.

Know your bounce rate, which is how long a visitor stays on your site.

Reasons why your new visitors will quickly leave your site, is because it’s unattractive, loads too slow, or it has too many ads.

Regardless of how great your content may be, if they don’t want to stick around and read your posts, you need to improve your engagement.

So when writing your articles, use easy to read language and be consistent. Your blog needs to flow with from word to word, sentence to sentence, post to post.

The sentences need to blend into well structured paragraphs, with appropriate sub-headings. Spelling needs to be correct, with passable punctuation and grammar.

Provide Fresh Astonishing Content

What search engine bots will take into account and reasons why they score your blog high, is because of the freshness, uniqueness and popularity of your content.

This from the date it was first discovered by the bot, or when it was last updated. It needs to be substantial enough for it to take note.

The content needs to be relevant, trendy and new, and not be stale, wilted, outdated, or copied.

It shouldn’t be content that?s been on the web since 2010. One way to solve the “fresh” test is to repurpose or rewrite your most important popular content.

Supply a variety of posts, such as articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, news updates, curated information, how-to-guides, case studies, testimonials, white papers, and memes.

Anything that’s refreshing, which engages and captures the imagination of the short attention span of the online reader.

The Use Of Links

What most bloggers realize is that a site that has multiple authoritative quality links pointing back to them, will gain love from the search engines.

It’s importance has been diminished however, as there are certain marketers who attempts to cheat the process by using a variety of linking schemes.

This in the attempts to “game” or manipulate the search engine bots, this to improve their rankings.

You need to know where your links are coming from, how valid and genuine they are. Are they from trusted sites, or from questionable seedy neighborhoods, such as the infamous link farms.

How you can build quality links is by guest posting on sites which are considered high authority and trusted, that are in the same niche or industry sector that you are.

So if your blog is about knitting, then look for knitting sites and forums, knitting groups on social media, and not for pet or car blogs.

Another effective linking method is by building relationships with other bloggers, by placing outbound links on your blog posts.

You need to make sure that it’s on topic, and that the site you’re providing a link to is similar to your niche.

To Build Online Relationships

What sustainable blogging involves is building quality relationships, this with your readership base, and other blogs who are in your online neighborhood.

You need to comply and configure your content and blog footprint to the search engine bots. Be consistent and commit to the long run.

What you want is your blog to reach the top of the search engines, but the majority most likely won’t.

So instead, select a targeted audience and build a strategy to increase your readership, provide value, which encourages engagement.

Not every one of your blog posts will be noticed, be great, pretty or that informative. Just make sure that it will be an asset to the reader somehow.

The groundwork you need to lay down, is to increase readership that results in more shares, leading to higher rankings, and more profit.

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