How To Get More Focused Targeted SEO Traffic Conversions For Your Blog

Tuesday, May 21st, 2024
You could be giving away puppies or solid gold bars on your blog, but if no one knows about it or cares, then it’s completely pointless. What you need, is a steady stream of pure focused targeted traffic that converts on your blog, and you need plenty of it. This traffic should also hopefully be organic.

So how can you increase this traffic to your blog, otherwise it will just sit there and collect digital dust.

You’re also not ready yet to spend money on advertising, or send out emails that go unread, which goes cold and ends up in the trash box.

For the majority of online marketers starting out, for those who tried paid traffic, are finding out that it can be a costly venture, this in the attempts to attract traffic. They’re finding out, that this effort can become a money burning furnace.

The preferred method, is SEO marketing on the search engines, and deploying the proper tactics to do so.

It begins with supplying superior blog content, to attract this traffic. Getting more traffic, also includes participating more frequently, on the various social media platforms.

Blinded By The Banner

The majority of the users on the Internet, are becoming increasingly tired of the constant bombardment of marketing tactics, and as a result are getting severe banner blindness. Online surfers are now starting to ignore anything, that has to do with advertising.

So what you the blog publisher needs to do, to market your content, is start emulating how humans think, behave, and interact while they’re online. This includes how they learn, search, and shop. Stop interrupting them, is a start.

Burnt Out By Online Marketing

Most consumers have become completely immune, and burnt out by all the various flashing and blinking ads.

They’re getting tired of advertising mediums, which are also now becoming too expensive, for most publishers to spend as well.

So instead, you have no other alternative but to provide smart constructive blog content, that is relevant and to the point.

Once doing so, you can then attract new visitors to your site, which hopefully convinces them to take action.

Becoming successful online, now equates to developing new and creative avenues, that your ingenuity needs to explore. This instead of how much ad money you’re willing to spend on advertising.

What everyone wants, is to increase their website traffic, and improve their conversion rates.

To convince their visitors who expresses interest, to either purchase their product, or submit their email for more information.

Become A Valued Web Destination

What you need, is to create a snowball effect, where everything begins to progress and pick up momentum.

The more that other bloggers and your social media followers links back to you, or ‘shares’ your content, the higher that your site will end up in the natural search rankings.

So make it as easy as possible, for everyone to spread the content of your site around. Begin by setting up an icon on every page, where the content can be shared on the major social media sites.

Begin by writing content, that’s fresh, unique, and as relevant as possible on the subject. Provide information that people are searching for, and then offer a solution.

What you want, is to create hundreds of inroads and links, that leads back to your blog.

Create a huge authority landing strip, that points back to your domain. Become the main hub of information on the Internet, and allow the momentum to build.

Finding Methods Of Attraction

There are certain distinct methods that bloggers need to concentrate on, to attract targeted web traffic. This includes engaging content on your blog, submitting press releases, and creating infographics. This gives the online searcher, reasons to visit.

When writing your content, understand the nature of your visitors mindset. This so you can convince them, to take the action on your site that you’re wanting. This could be purchasing something, or clicking on an ad.

This is done by knowing beforehand, the exact keyword searches that others performed before them, or the previous pages that they’ve visited, as well as other pertinent data, that you can use to better tailor your marketing content.

Make Your Content As Magnetic As Possible

Each and every one of your posts, needs to contain the entire package. It needs to entertain, educate, inform, worry, and then provide a solution. It needs to be fresh and unique, while being easy to read and understand.

Make sure that you describe the topic of the article, with a sharp concise headline. Every article that you post on your blog, needs to have a jaw dropping, attention grabbing, awe inspiring opening to have any effect.

So if your target market are those suffering from diabetes, for instance, then you need to provide the best possible blog posts, that specifically emphases with those who are diabetic. This will then attract new readers, while inviting back the established ones to come back for new content.

Once this is executed properly, then any article or white paper that you write, can potentially become a magnet for traffic, both in the short and long term. This is the reason why your readers will link back or share your information, which increases your sites overall ranking.

Read What Your Audience Is Telling You

As your content attracts more organic searches, and more visitors read your blog, find out what their behavior is like, before and after they leave your site. What this gives you, are clues to the type of product or service, that they’re looking for.

The web giants such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, uses algorithms that are able to extract the users previous browsing habits, this right before they reach your blog. What it’s able to extract, are which sites, movies, books, ads, etc., that they might like.

The more that they use these major sites, they create a trail and a footprint every time, and the more personalized that this information gets.

What this keys in on, is the object of your desire that you’re seeking. What it does is improves your conversion rates, while giving your visitors exactly what you’re offering.

The Primary Sources Of Blog Traffic And Targeted Customers

So you’re all set, you’ve got enticing content on your blog, and ready to earn money on the Internet. You’ve decided this is the primary vehicle, on how you’re going to earn money for yourself.

The biggest question you have, is how are you going to attract the Internet users who wants to buy your product, to find your site.

It’s difficult to know, how many potential visitors will convert into buying customers at any given time. One thing for certain, is that those who do trickle in, isn’t enough to sustain a Web business. Those who has initial exposure to your blog for the first time, quickly bounces away.

Drawing Primary Web Traffic

The three proven sources of traffic includes the search engines, social media, and paid ads. To find the origins of your blog traffic, that turns into visitors who then converts in paying customers, your focus should be on planning where and how to acquire this targeted traffic.

You most likely already know, that these are your primary traffic sources, as you use them yourself. It’s the practicality and the execution, that you need to plan and refine. There should be a different strategy, for each of these traffic sources, as they have their own nuances.

Getting Organic Traffic From Search Engines

The search engines is the holy grail, as it remains the primary source, when someone is looking to solve their hurt or curiosity. What search engines are capable of providing, is the purest direct targeted customers for your site.

These are the visitors, who has a specific set of wants and needs, with a variety of experiences and demands. The majority of them however, want this information for free, and are refusing to pay for anything, unless they absolutely need to.

This can lead to an unsettled barren environment, for most blog publishers. This applies especially to those, who has limited budgets for content development, or limited research development resources.

Just Follow Their Rules

What search engines provide, is infinite relevant access to any type of information that any user is looking for. The search engines gauges and grades if the content on your site, matches their SEO requirements, for you to rank high enough to get this traffic.

There’s a strict protocol that the marketers need to follow, and it’s up to you the blog owner, to comply to them. Also know the exact type of content, such as whitepapers, articles, videos, etc., that your competitors are providing.

Find out, by doing a search on your main keywords that you’re wanting to rank for, and then review the sites which appears on the first few indexed pages of the search engine results.

Find out how the web page is visually structured, what titles and tags they are using, what their web page architecture is like. Find out how they’re able to grab the number one spot, or the first page on the search search engine results, using those keywords.

You should then not only meet, but exceed the relevance and the appropriateness of those top ranking websites. Begin by creating unique content, build better links, and never stop producing.

Despite what some will tell you, that search engines are now beginning to becoming irrelevant, this because of the prominence of social media, and affordable ad costs, this isn’t entirely true.

Search engines are and will always remain the most popular, evergreen and dominant source, that searchers will use to find information online.

What the experts do recommend however, is to not place all of your effort on just ranking on the major search engines, but also spread yourself out on the other traffic sources as well.

Where The Rubber Hits The Road Internet Advertising

There’s absolutely no better focused visitor traffic, if executed properly, than targeted advertising that converts. But most avoid paid ads, because it’s a guessing game that can become too expensive, when it’s done wrong.

When it’s executed properly, a campaign that’s focused on getting good ROI, and it’s measured correctly, online advertising can be a profitable source of income, and ultimately become your most successful Web marketing effort.

Not only because it’s able to instantly generate results, attention and buzz, but because of its sophisticated metrics and technology, that are now available. These include retargeting, native ads, marketing to granular targeted audiences, that can be done at reasonable cost.

For those who advertise online, they’re usually required to have an in-depth pool of resources and funds for testing, as well as the technical knowledge, on how to properly diagnose, to become profitable.

Sharing Is Caring By Using Social Media

Not long ago, the notion of transparency on the Internet was a concern for Internet marketers. But because of social media, that’s partially been reduced, but not completely.

By using social media, which includes all of the micro hybrid social media networks, including forums and chatrooms, does is provides the user to voice their concern or opinions.

They are given equal opportunity. What these peer-to-peer platforms does, is levels out the playing field.

When looking at your own online marketing strategy, you need to understand the style and the tone of your competition, before you attempt to strike out on your own. You need to decide what works best for your particular niche or situation.

Make sure that you know how to discretely network on social media, which reveals how you come across.

Always be tweaking your approach, because once you become too annoying, or are obviously spamming, you’ll quickly be flagged by the users or the network.

For instance, you wouldn’t be posting the same message, that you would on Facebook, and then post it on LinkedIn, as the audiences have completely different mindsets.

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