How To Get Paid 100% Commission To Build Your Own Email List

Monday, July 15th, 2024
An email list can literally mean the difference between success and failure for your online business, especially if you’re an affiliate marketer. Most however may be a little wary asking potential customers for their email address, because of the fear of scaring them off.

It now essentially becomes a necessity if you want to make the type of income you want. The truly successful affiliate marketers all preach the money is in the list.

You may be wondering why a mailing list is so essential. Most marketers don’t realize how powerful a tool it can be and the potential it has.

The main reason is most who are interested in your product or service, don’t make a purchase on their first visit to your site.

Studies prove the typical Internet buyer makes approximately seven to ten visits to the same product before finally making a purchase. This could be to get reviews or a better price.

During these seven visits it would be easy to get lost in the mix of other sites offering the same products or services, unless you have a way to pull them back to your site.

That’s where a mailing list comes in. When they visit your site, if you get them to opt-in to your mailing list you can stay in touch with them.

You have their permission to contact them through emails or a newsletter, enticing them back to your site rather than they visiting your competition.

The Need Of A Mailing List

It doesn’t stop with just enticing them back to your site after their initial visit. Another statistic shows how mailing lists can become your personal gold mine.

It’s known approximately 70% of email users have made a purchase, after receiving an opt-in based email marketing message.

That’s a pretty powerful statistic when you consider how many sales you might be missing out on right now, by not having your own list.

They are your loyal followers who trusts you, and where the majority of your sales and income will eventually come from.

The Affiliate Marketing Model Is Broken

Affiliate marketing is a relatively easy concept to learn, if you’re wanting to start your own home based business. It can however become a bit overwhelming, if you’re new to online marketing.

What’s needed is to fully comprehend the concepts behind it, by learning the mechanics of how affiliate marketing works.

An affiliate is a person or a business (you), who promotes a product or a service that’s offered by usually an established or a name brand online business.

You become an affiliate, by agreeing to promote their product or service for a commission. You the affiliate marketer will earn money once you make a conversion.

An example would be selling a Clickbank ebook, where you place their product link on your landing page or website.

You then promote that link, so potential buyers can purchase it through your efforts.

What Clickbank and every other vendor wants, are action taking results orientated affiliates, because they need all the help they can get, to promote the products and services they’re selling.

All the expenses and effort to promote that affiliate link, such as advertising costs and web host expenses is your responsibility as an affiliate.

You then usually wait up to 30 days for the company to pay you the commission you earned.

Ready For A New Affiliate System

In the digital age of advanced innovation, artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms, email marketing remains the most powerful tool for reaching potential buyers, converting them and making a commission.

The concept List Infinity offers, is it takes email marketing to an entirely new level.

What it does is not only helps you the affiliate marketer build an email list, but will also pay you 100% commission once you collect an email subscriber.

It’s a complete DFY (done-for-you) program where you’ll get instantly paid, and your only job becomes send quality traffic to your affiliate link.

Once you make a sale, you get paid directly to your payment of choice (Paypal, Stripe etc.) There’s no longer waiting 30 days to get paid.

Why You Should Join List Infinity

Who Is List Infinity
Owner: Derrick Van Dyke
Digital Profits, Inc.
Eagle Point, Oregon, United States

List Infinity has been a legitimate lead generation and make-money-online program since September, 2021. You are getting paid to build an email list by referring other members to join List Infinity.

This program owned by Derrick van Dyke is a successful affiliate marketer who also owns: Quick Funnels, ClickMagick, and FB Automation Suite.

List Infinity Product Type: Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing, Sales Funnels
Product Price: Free, $35, $125, or $375
Recommendation: List Infinity teaches you how to promote the platform, generate leads, and run free or paid traffic to your affiliate links. It’s suitable for beginners and intermediates interested in Affiliate Marketing and Email list building. CLICK HERE

Understanding How List Infinity Works

List Infinity is a proprietary marketing system, designed to help you build a targeted email list while generating you daily income through email marketing.

Unlike traditional email marketing, which just focuses on promoting products or services to your subscribers, there is also a revolutionary compensation plan attached to it.

4 Steps On How List Infinity Works

4 Steps To Joining List Infinity As A Free Member
Step 1.) – Sign up as a free member CLICK HERE

Step 2.) – Log into the dashboard and set up your profile. This includes your username and payment processors, since every member you recruit and sign up under you will pay you directly.

Step 3.) – Select a lead capture opt-in page provided by List Infinity, along with creating a bridge page, to start building your email list. Connect this lead capture page to an autoresponder, which follows up with your subscribers to generate sales.

Step 4) – Start promoting your List Infinity capture page link, by following the step-by-step free training that’s provided, to generate free traffic from the biggest social media sites on the Internet.

The List Infinity Compensation Plan

List Infinity offers a compensation plan that allows you to earn income on a daily basis, offering multiple levels of income:

1.) – $25 Starter Level: (plus a $10 one time admin fee) This is the free membership starter level where you can earn $25 for every sale you make by following the system’s tutorial and guidelines. It’s free to join to get started and start earning quickly.

Once you join as a free member, the first $25 sale you make goes directly to you (one time) instead of your sponsor. So obviously with that $25, what you’d want is to immediately purchase the starter level membership.

2.) – $100 Pro Level: (plus a $25 one time admin fee) As you progress and build your email list, you can purchase the $100 Pro level membership. You will then begin to earn $100 commission for every sale, from everyone who purchases the $100 Pro level membership.

If you’re still at the $25 Starter level and you sponsor someone who purchases the $100 Pro level, you would only be eligible to earn a $25 commission, and who ever is an eligible Pro level member in your upline receives the remaining $75.

3.) – $300 Elite Level: (plus a $75 one time admin fee) The Elite Level membership can earn you a commission of $300 per sale paid directly to your payment of choice.

If you’re still at the $100 Pro level and someone purchases the $300 Elite level, you would only earn a $100 commission, and who ever is an eligible Elite level member in your upline receives the remaining $200.

So it’s beneficial you upgrade to the Pro and Elite levels as soon as you can, then you would receive the entire $100 or $300 commission.

Every 5th sale your referral makes, will also be passed up to you. So if 10 of your referrals generate 100 leads each (10 X 100 = 1000 leads). You will get an additional 200 leads added to your autoresponder. This only applies to the $25 Starter level and the $100 Pro level.

Immediate 100% Commission Payments

Once someone makes a purchase through your link, the $25, $100 or $300 commission will be paid directly to you, to your payment of choice.

It becomes beneficial you upgrade to the Pro Plan ($100) or the Elite Plan ($300), as soon as possible because once someone you sponsor makes a $100 or $300 purchase, the commission will then be paid directly to your account.

You will only earn commission on the level you’re currently at, whether it be Starter, Pro or Elite.

You can upgrade to the Pro or Elite Plan at any time, and only pay the difference between the membership levels once you upgrade.

For Example…

Susan is at the $25 “Starter” level. At this level, she can only earn commissions on Starter level sales. So the maximum commission she can earn is $25.

If one of her referrals upgrades to the “Pro” $100 level while she’s still at the “Starter” level, she can only earn the $25 starter level commission. The remaining $75, would roll up to the first qualifying “Pro” member.

The best way to maximize her income potential is to join at the highest level she can afford. Then she would earn the full $100 (Pro level) or the $300 (Elite level) if her referral decides to upgrade.

Benefits of List Infinity

List Infinity offers several advantages to its members:
1. Passive Income: Once you’ve set up the List Infinity email marketing system, all you need is to sent traffic which will earn you passive income with minimal maintenance.

2. Scalability: List Infinity is designed to grow with your efforts. The more you invest in building your email list and promoting affiliate offers, the more you will earn.

3. Flexibility: This system allows you to work from anywhere, giving you the freedom to manage your email marketing business on your terms.

4. Training and Support: List Infinity provides training and support to help you succeed, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers.

Cautions And Considerations

While List Infinity is a proven legitimate program, there are a few considerations you should take in this or any program that has an investment:
1. Investment: List Infinity requires an investment for the Pro and Elite membership levels. Make sure you understand the costs involved and do your due diligence before committing.

2. Sustainability: The longevity of this or any other program is always uncertain. Research the program’s reputation and history before joining.

3. Compliance: Make sure your email marketing activities comply with all the relevant laws and regulations of your country, such as the CAN-SPAM Act in the United States.

Is List Infinity An MLM Program?
No, but it does have elements of it. The main difference between List Infinity’s compensation program is it’s a one-time payment for you to join, whether it’s at the Starter, Pro or Elite Level. There are no other monthly fees.

Most MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) program’s usually require a recurring monthly fee paid to your sponsor for a product or service, for you to participate and remain a member and be eligible to get paid.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
Yes. There is a 7-day refund policy agreement once you have upgraded your account.

Join List Infinity Now For Free

You have nothing to lose. List Infinity is an proven ground breaking email marketing system that offers a blend of list building along with generating you a commission for doing so.

If you’re willing to work hard and remain focused and invest your time and effort, it can earn you a substantial life altering income.

If executed diligently, List Infinity offers the potential of transforming your email and affiliate marketing efforts into a profitable business, which allows you to enjoy daily income.