How To Use The Power Of Attraction To Manifest Anything You Want

Tuesday, April 16th, 2024
The whole idea of getting what you want, is about becoming a co-creator with the universe, this by manifesting exactly what you want in life. Once you begin to use this properly, you’ll begin to attract whatever it is you want much quicker than you’ve ever imagined.

It all begins with gratitude, which can dramatically alter the state of your life, and will bring you more of what you’re currently wanting.

On the negative side, if you ever feel frustrated or down on yourself, the universe will also reflect these feelings, as it has no other choice but to bring you more of the same, which is more doom, gloom, and despair.

What you attract back is the exact “same” as what you’re currently thinking of, which in this case is unhappiness.

So the primary rule when it comes to manifesting for best results, is always being grateful for all the things that you have in your current life right now, what you’re happy about.

Constantly Talk About It

It may initially appear hypocritical or egotistical, to talk openly about what you want, your needs, as if you already own them.

In reality, all things, everything that you want is already created on this planet or in the vast universe somewhere, and it’s just waiting for you.

The instance that you conceive a thought, what you’ve done is brought it forth into your reality, making that object one step closer to you.

The more that you think about that thought, the stronger, the faster it moves towards your state of being.

Think of a child who wants something, such as a new bike. How eager they become, as they’ll constantly talk about what they’ll do once they get it.

What they don’t know or worry about, is how or when they’ll get it. All they know is that they will.

So speak words with conviction, this regarding what you want to come into your life, this because what your words and thoughts does, is it calls forward that creation, bringing it closer to you.

Surround Yourself With What You Want

You’re asking, ‘How is it possible to surround myself with the things I want, if I don’t even own it”

It’s not yours at the moment, but what you can do is envision, visit, or thrust yourself towards it.

This application involves you being in the energy, of whatever it is you’re seeking.

It’s up to you to open the passage and create this state, this to attract it towards you, this until it becomes yours.

What doing so does, is it will bring you closer to what you’re wanting, this by both thinking and talking about it.

What you’re doing, is attracting exactly what you’re surrounding yourself with.

Release It To The Universe

The next step and key if you want something, is to release it back to the universe.

Never hold on to it, because of the fear of doubt. The more that you cling on to it, obsess about it, the more delayed that the manifesting process becomes.

What you then appear is being needy. So to comply with how the universe works, what you need is to display the conviction of intention, while never showing stress or being desperate.

Know that the attraction process is working for you, and what you’ve asked for will manifest, and will soon become a reality. Then shift your mind into a state of receiving what you want.

The paradox when it comes to letting go, is that it plays a large part in the manifestation process, this because of the delicate balance of focusing on what you want, without appearing frenzied.

Then Open Yourself Up To Receive

To activate the attraction process, you need to adopt the state of mind of receiving. This step however, is one that most are scared of and are refusing to do.

Many will say that they want specific things, but very few know how to properly receive what they ask for.

Most become doubtful, feel unworthy that they don’t deserve it. Deep within, they feel they won’t get what they ask for.

These small doubts of unworthiness, are huge blockages when it comes to the manifesting process, which deters it.

The attraction process, is an exact science that reflects our human nature, allowing you to see where you’re connected as a co-creator of the universe.

So go ahead and feel more worthy of yourself, as you open yourself up to receive.

You can become more worthy, by recognizing and knowing that you’re able to manifest anything that you want.

Also realize that what you want is pretty insignificant, as it’s just a small speck of matter, this when compared to the vast universe.

You deserve what you want, because you have strong conviction and influence.

When you use this attraction process to manifest a better life, what you’re doing is aligning yourself by adding value to the world.

The quicker that you feel worthy of knowing what you’re wanting to manifest, the quicker that it will come to you.

One of the biggest roadblocks, is thinking that you don’t deserve what you ask for.

You become what you feel, as the universe will mirror exactly what you think that you deserve or want. This begins with believing that you’re worthy.

Give More Than What You Want

What you may not currently have is enough money for instance, but what you do have is something of value that may be in scarce supply.

Something that someone else wants, and are willing to pay you for.

Give to others, and you’ll be surprised how quickly the attraction process manifests abundance into your life.

There’s a certain flow in the universe and to manifest more of it, you need to get into that flow. The more that you give, the more that you receive back.

Give what you can, while never depleting yourself. Give away what makes you feel happy.

Give with love regularly, but be aware by conserving yourself, and the attraction process will bless you in spades.

As you give to others, this by helping them as much as you can, what you’ll then get back and manifest, will be much greater than what you’ve asked for, and could have ever imagined.

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