Reasons Why You Can’t Get Traffic To Your Blog And Make Sales

Friday, June 14th, 2024
Are you getting frustrated because you started blogging to earn money, but are not seeing the results that you hoped for? Do you feel that you?re spinning out of control, not knowing what to write about, work on, and when?

You’re wondering how you can possibly do everything at once, this to get traffic, and get the sales that you so desperately need, so you can continue to blog?

So you begin to question and ask yourself…

• It’s supposed to be easier than this, this blogging thing, so what am I doing wrong?
• How come I?m not getting similar results to what others seem to be getting, why aren’t I getting any better?
• Is there something fundamentally wrong with what I’m doing, and don”t know what it is?
• It just appears easier for everyone else, yet here I am struggling, while trying so hard
• I think my passion is there, so why isn’t there more people coming to my blog? What MORE can I possibly do?!!

Creating a blog should be your ultimate dream come true, and not a nightmare of constantly spinning your wheels, and having technical difficulties.

It all begins with “why” you do it. Finding out your why becomes pivotal to your success.

You can’t become a successful blogger, unless you nail down this one pact. You absolutely need the proper foundation to build on.

Otherwise, you’re building on quicksand, and it could come crashing down once it starts to rain.

Why Is Your Blog Already Open For Business?
You’ve most likely heard about the importance of finding your “why,” in anything that you do, which includes blogging.

Most likely, the chances are that you haven’t been trained properly, by not taking a step-by-step foundational program to learn the proper way to blog.

Most of the the people or the programs that are trying to teach you how to find your “why,” usually teaches it completely backwards!

Finding the why when it comes to your blogging, is when it becomes highly effective. It’s one of the most powerful things that you can learn.

What you absolutely need, is a solid foundation in what you’re doing, this in order to know where you’re going.

What you need is to think of yourself, much like a new store that’s opening down at the mall.

Think Like A “Brick And Mortar” Store
You need to think like that brand new store that’s about to open, because everything you do, every decision you make on your blog, stems from this one idea.

So think about that new store that’s still being built. Think what the process is like. Would that store attempt to sell you something before it’s even open? Of course not.

This is similar to you having a “buy this product now” ad on your blog, before you’ve built up a solid foundation of followers that you need, but that’s exactly what you’re doing!

What you’re doing, is trying to walk up to someone on the street you barely know, and say, “Hi, my name is Susan, I own this blog, so I want you to buy this.”

They will most likely ignore you and run away, as no one wants to be treated like a faulty ATM.

Begin By Building Your Blog First
You need to completely build your blog first. Begin building the foundation by pouring the concrete, and then build the frame. Put up the walls, the categories, the pages, a parking lot.

Construct the entire blog first, and realize it can take months to do so. While you’re building, focus solely on how you want to furnish it.

Don’t go out there promoting your social media accounts yet, trying to get sales, as your blog will become tarnished.

Do however begin branding yourself and your domain on all of the social media platforms, but don’t bother promoting it just yet, until you’ve fully stocked the shelves and it’s ready to go.

Social media marketing, should be one of the last things when building a solid foundation.

Make Sure Your Blog Is Ready
You don’t want to promote your blog until it’s completely finished. This because someone could walk in, see that the blog shelves are a complete mess, then leave and never come back.

Yet what most bloggers will do, is remain open and continue to promote it on a daily basis with just one or two posts. There should be a minimum of at least 20 to 30 posts.

The biggest complaint that bloggers have, is that they can’t get any traffic. The reason for this, is because they opened their blog way too early.

Someone visits the blog and sees that it’s empty, and will quickly turn around and go click somewhere else.

What most will do, is just remember the state of your blog and won’t ever come back, as we are all visual creatures. For the most part, what we remember are the negative experiences, on what we’ve seen in the past.

So if you’ve already opened up the doors to your blog and only have 5 posts, stop promoting, don’t worry about getting traffic just yet. Completely stock up your shelves first.

It’s Not About The Money… Yet
What you should have by now is a fairly good understanding of your blog, what you’re wanting to accomplish, and who you’re wanting to reach, and the reasons “why” you’re doing it.

The reasons why, should not initially be money or fame (ego). If you’re just driven by making wads of money or becoming blog famous, you most likely won’t succeed.

So here are some questions to ask yourself:

Why do you really want to blog? Why are you pouring your guts and energy into your blog every day? You get up early, you stay up late, sacrificing your life to make it in the blogging world, as an affiliate marketer.

Your friends and family think you’re working towards a dead end. They don’t understand your love of blogging, and the belief that it can work out for you.

Why do you continue to put in all of that effort every Why do you continue to work so hard on this? If there’s a reason, explain what it is.

Blog About What You Love The Most
What are the topics or niches, that you’re discussing or teaching the readers on your blog, that you feel good about?

What does your friends, your family, other bloggers, and people in your life ask your advice about the most?

This is the key, so invest your time into thinking about it. If you’re not sure, then ask a few who are in your blogging circle, “If you could ask me just one thing, just one question, what would it be?”

Most often, your friends and family are already asking you those questions, you just don’t realize it.

What is it that they want you to teach them or talk to them about the most. What is it that they want to know from you?

Blogging About Your Passion
Outside of blogging, what is the main activity or hobby that you enjoy doing the most? What are the types of things that you gravitate towards?

What do you look forward to doing, without effort or thinking about it?

After you’ve taken inventory of yourself, taken some time to really think about what you love to do, what your passions are, then that’s the core skeleton theme for the niche of your blog.

This is when your blog will begin to flourish, and your “store” will grow leaps and bounds, because your readers can sense your passion. You’ll also never get bored blogging about it.

As bloggers, we’re ultimately selling ourselves, establishing our identity, proclaiming our personal brand, and this isn’t in an annoying or immoral way.

Realize that the commodity, the product is you, and once you grasp that, is when your blog will start to grow, and why you’ll become a successful affiliate marketer.

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