The Best Time Management Skills For Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024
How is it that all the high achievers of this world who earns substantial income, become so rich and famous? What secret do they possess, what do they know that us mere mortals don’t? If you study the lives of the rich and famous, what you’ll discover, is that they all follow certain time management techniques that contributes to their success.

For one, successful people it’s found, are extremely careful and diligent about how they spend and manage their peak morning hours.

Regardless of your current state in life, realize that we as well as the wealthy, all share the same 24 hours in a day, the same 1440 minutes.

So the key lies, in learning how to effectively and efficiently use that time more wisely, and to our best advantage.

What’s discovered, are some of the most efficient ways on how you can dramatically increase your productivity, this through more effective use of your time.

Keep Track And Monitor Your Use Of Time

For many, it seems that their day slips by far too quickly, when that have a deadline to meet, and trickles much slower, when they’re bored and have time to burn.

So what’s recommended is creating a log, a journal for all your daily activities.

Once you know where you’re spending the majority your time, you can then identify and focus on the activities that provides the greatest return, both personally and financially.

Start your log, by first writing down what time you get up every morning, how long it takes to get ready, and begin work.

Calculate how much time that you spend on doing individual activities, such as emailing, making phone calls, and actually working.

Calculate How Much Your Time Is Worth

We all heard that “Time is money.”

Knowing exactly how much your time is worth, can do is help you make better decisions, to whether you should perform a task yourself or outsource it.

For instance, say that your time is worth around $100 an hour. Then you are far better off to pay others $30 an hour, to do your most time consuming tasks.

You can then “bank” the remaining $70 per hour, by spending this time on profit making, or similar productive activities.

Also determine how much time during the day, that you need to spend on billable activities, this to reach your desired profit.

Create A Daily To Do Schedule

Never begin your day, without having a “to-do” list.

Make a list of all the tasks that you need to do, prioritizing them in importance. Then categorize them into business building activities, client activities, and personal items.

Break all those bigger unmanageable projects into smaller “doable” pieces, so that they are less intimidating, and easier to accomplish.

Prioritizing Your Tasks

There are many who claims that they have more things to do, than there are hours in the day.

So by prioritizing your tasks, what you’ll be doing is making sure that you’re tackling all of the items that matter the most.

Create a doable system that works for you.

One easy way of prioritizing, is grading tasks of importance with an A, B, and C… etc.

Ask Yourself These Key Questions:

• What items MUST/NEEDS be done today regardless?
• Which items or tasks can be rescheduled?
• Which of these can be delegated out?
• Which of these to-do tasks most closely matches my priorities and goals?
• Are there any items that can be eliminated?

Learn How To Say “NO”

Do you keep adding more items to your never ending to-do list? Are you in total control of your time?

Learn to become more vigilant, by protecting your personal boundaries.

What’s vitally important is you needing to schedule your downtime, so you can relax. Start treating yourself and your family better, with the time off that you deserve,

Then you’ll feel refreshed, and a lot more productive when it’s time to get back to work.

Before You Say “Yes” To Everything Ask Yourself These Questions:

• Do I really have the time or the energy to take on that extra task?
• Do I like really this new client, or employee? Is it going to work out for me?
• Will what I’m about to do be profitable for me?
• Does it invade on my personal down time too much?
• Does it involve doing something that I enjoy doing?
• Does it fit in with my list of priorities and the goals that I set out for myself?

Manage Time Consuming Tasks Without Distractions

Time “vampires” are lurking everywhere, much like a virus. Think about all the activities that are currently eating up your time.

For me personally, these items include checking my email too often, making social calls when I should be working, going on social media when I should be writing.

When a family member or a friend calls during work hours, I keep it down to a minute, or politely ask if I can call them back in the late afternoon or evening.

I completely ignore all my social media accounts during the day, if it’s not business related such as posting blog articles.

Make Sure That You Stick To The Plan

It’s easy to get distracted, so try not to get sidetracked from your plan unless it’s an emergency that you can’t ignore.

What’s important, is assigning yourself logical project or task deadlines, so that you can keep on top of them, and avoid those dreaded last minute emergencies.

• Pick Favorite Inspiring Places And Times
We all function best differently, at different times during the day, or we like specific places to work.

What’s recommended, is knowing which of your daily tasks takes up the most “brain power” out of you.

Always do them when you’re at your prime, or when you’re the most energetic. Whatever time that may be.

Are you a morning person, or work best when burning the midnight oil?

Create an ultimate work haven (your home office) that is clean, distraction free, and inspiring.

• Bundle Similar Tasks Together
As you tackle through your daily list, try to prioritize your tasks into similar activities.

This by setting separate amounts of time, for answering work related email, writing articles, returning phone calls, etc.

What having a set routine does, is it will save you time and mental energy.

• Try To Avoid Interruptions
Attempting to do the same thing over and over again, because you’re constantly interrupted can become maddening, and a time waster.

Once you start a task, try to finish it in it’s entirety at one go, without distractions.

If something does come up, unless it’s an emergency, just add it to your to-do list and then continue on with your current task.

• Try To Be Organized
Once things become tidy, organized and routine, it then saves you time while freeing you up to focus on the task at hand.

Digging through a pile of “bookmarks” or paperwork, finding things that are not work related, isn’t very conducive to your work flow.

• Use Just One Organizer/Calendar
Keeping track of your work, business, and other commitments scribbled on pieces of paper is not being organized.

Try keeping all your family and your work appointments separate, but in one calendar or an organizer online.

• Save Time By Making Routine
By learning how to master your time better, and having the discipline to stick to it, you can then accomplish a lot more with less effort.

Choose how you can spend your time the most efficiently, and make it a habit.

Focus on those activities, that only closely matches your goals.

By taking the time that’s needed to monitor, measure, and efficiently manage your time, you will then enjoy an abundance of success and happiness.

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