The Need To Know Buyer Intent When Writing Product Reviews

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
What’s realized is that knowing what motivates your core buying audience, is the most difficult task when writing sales content. What many know is their target demographic and yet, it remains difficult to constantly create copy which influences them enough to buy.

Ultimately, without a loyal audience, a hungry buyer, there’s no reason to even write a review.

It becomes difficult to produce copy for blogs, when it comes to affiliate marketing and wanting to earn a profit.

In most cases, the copy needs a concise user friendly benefits description of the product, what its features and flaws are, and to present this information precisely.

What this comes down to is knowing buyer intent. For affiliates, the content also needs to be aligned precisely with the products website.

Although it may not have a direct connection with the copy itself, it’s something that can affect conversion rates, this especially if it’s a marketing site, since familiarity breeds content.

The Need For Familiarity

What doing so won’t make your copy any better, but what it does is prevents loss of readers, who visits your blog and expects to see one thing, but are presented with something different.

Make sure that the content is always on topic, and directly connected to the product or services that you’re offering.

Realize that those who comes to read content on your blog, is because they had an interest in purchasing the product.

If the content is used to negatively vent for instance, that will turn the potential buyers away.

Instead, write about what the state of your industry is, the technology that your product uses, the benefits of the ingredients or parts featured, etc.

What should be avoided is the irrelevant.

Readers will avoid this type of information in droves, as the site appears unprofessional and off topic.

Write Honest Unbiased Reviews

When you review a product or service, make sure you?re completely unbiased. Write about it’s pro’s and con’s, as no product is perfect.

What every product or service has, are their advantages and flaws.

What’s known is if you present a product with certain features and it doesn’t deliver, what’s for certain is that the customer may ask for a refund, and be lost forever.

What you can do however is slightly manipulate buyer intent.

For instance, say you’re selling beds to hospitals. All they want is a functional professional product, and don’t really care what it looks like.

Make sure you emphasize comfort as the biggest benefit, while also mentioning there’s more function than design.

Just The Facts… Please

Since the buyer doesn’t care about the design in this case, they’ll see the review as being genuine, which then bonds reputation and trust.

If the product delivers on the benefits, then the buyer will come back to the site for future purchases, or for other products.

This strategy can be used for all products, which is concisely and accurately emphasizing it’s advantages and disadvantages.

This can be listing one product as being more affordable than another, which helps the buyer make their decision easier.

If the product is lower in quality, then make sure to emphasize the price.

Prompt Precise Answers

The reasons why people go online, is to be entertained, do research, or to buy something.

Those who are looking to buy a product, aren’t generally as patient as those doing research, or looking at cat videos.

What most want is to get the information as quick as possible, so they can make a precise educated buying decision, this regarding a product they’re interested in.

So what’s needed is concise attention to detail, when presenting review content.

Get Direct To The Point Without Hype

What everyone on the Internet has are short attention spans, because of the ease of immediately clicking away.

So what’s needed is providing instant mind altering captivating content.

The need to be precise, such as providing step-by-step or point form instruction.

Once someone reads copy they’re interested in, they don’t care to be entertained.

They’re not interested in how well the article is written. All they want are the immediate answers to their questions.

Although describing your company brand is a great opportunity to add value while establishing trust, what you need is to give the exact information they’re seeking.

Otherwise, you’ll lose their interest, and will quickly click away to the next site, your competition.

Do Your Research

Being efficient becomes important for buyers when they’re researching a product.

What’s most ideal for them, is finding and gathering all the information they need, at one place. What this does is it saves them time, as searching is a chore.

The content needs to be direct, unbiased, valid, while making logical scientific sense without hype.

Once you write an article that’s tailored towards a potential buyer, what should be presented are just the facts.

This information shouldn?t be slanted by your own personal opinion, or your potential commission.

The data needs to be backed up with clinical research.

To further strengthen your claims, this when it comes to a product or a service, is to make sure you link to authority sites, or use testimonials.

What buyers who are ready to buy needs, is that additional verified opinion, this before making the purchase.

Make sure you provide it, this by emphasizing the benefits, while justifying the downsides.

Point Of View

The content should be presented from the buyers point of view.

What many also write are filler articles, this in the hopes the readers will revisit their blog, this instead of convincing them to buy right now.

Ultimately, what these buyers are is seeking information, but the key difference is their priorities.

So understanding what their intent is, does is allows for the creation of superior content.

To improve conversions, what’s needed is prioritizing the cold hard facts.

The content needs to fit and remain interesting and relevant enough, so that they’ll continue to read.

This can’t be accomplished through idle chatter, but by persuading the readers how they can benefit from your brand or product.

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