Ways To Attract Abundance In Your Life Before Getting Rich

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024
It becomes easy to think when you?re struggling with money, that the world is a cruel unfriendly place, that you’re cursed when it comes to attracting riches. This because there you are working at your job feverishly, but there’s more money going out than coming in.

This leaves you in a state of despair, counting the pennies, while others appear to have everything they need, as they light their cigarettes with $20 bills.

Realize that this is just an illusion. That despite you currently being in a tight financial situation, that you’re a lot more richer than you think you are.

Once you discover just how fortunate your life is, and how unrealized abundance is actually within your grasp, then your financial situation will begin to dramatically shift in your favor.

We tend to think that abundance is just about money, that bulging wad of currency in your wallet.

But once you find out that there are different types of abundance that’s not monetary, this without needing investment or effort, and once you focus on them, then the riches will follow.

The Abundance Of Creativity

Know that the universe didn’t invent money, as it’s just a global accounting system to keep track of how many “beans” you accumulate.

Wealth is more spiritual in nature.

What doesn’t cost a dime, is having a torrent of great ideas swirling around in your head that you can capitalize on, which can lead to wealth.

There’s no cost for your thoughts, your vivid imagination. You can have as many brilliant ideas as you want.

Once you have an idea, it literally travels around the universe and through time, to test its worthiness.

So dare to dream as big as possible, and the world will surrender at your feet if it’s brilliant.

Every penny that comes your way, is generated because of the manifestation of your ideas.

Freedom Of Choice

This is in the hopes they you’re able, currently capable and healthy enough, that you enjoy freewill, that you have the freedom of choice on how you choose to live your life.

If your current circumstances isn’t what you want, then have the courage to change it to something that you’re dreaming of, your destiny, which can give you the results you want.

Choose a different habit, get a different job, a different relationship, start your own online business.

What you have is the freedom to choose what you want to do, provided you choose wisely.

Realize Your Potential

The reason why some remain desolate, penniless with no aim is because they don’t have the confidence to realize how gifted they are.

They’re locked into a victims mentality, a prisoner of their own mindset and circumstances, where there’s continuous excuses to explain why they don?t have whatever it is they want.

They’re rich with excuses such as, “I’m not pretty enough,” “not smart enough,” not good enough,? and a variety of other similar phrases.

The truth is, no one’s ever been appointed or singled out to have more talent than anyone else in this world. If you’re deficit in one area, then improve on it.

We’re all uniquely and abundantly gifted somehow, usually differently, so find what your strength is.

The key becomes to find out what your particular talent is, that will or can make you rich, and take action on it before it’s too late.

This process involves experience, trial and error, feedback, making plenty of mistakes, and honest self-assessment.

Eventually you’ll come across the treasure chest that will grant you endless riches. So go find your talent, and you’ll be monetarily rewarded.

To Your Well-being

Even if you’re low on finances, you can bask in the glow of your good health.

The biggest irony of this modern day, is most will work extremely long hours, this only to buy the antidote to release the stress that’s caused by they working so hard.

Most will save their money just to go on vacation, this to recover from their excessive working.

There’s a reason why it’s called the “rat” race.

So if you’re currently poor, realize that someone who’s rich may be willing to pay you a kings ransom, for your state of good health.

Your Capacity To Love

While your capacity to earn money right now might be limited, your capacity to love and be loved back has not limits and it’s free.

Once you avoid the “haters” of the world, what you invite is the flow of good things to come into your life.

Always show love, be grateful for those who are important to you. Love strangers who you don’t know, this rather than fearing or judging them.

Love every creature on this planet. Love everything that you do everyday.

Most importantly, love yourself.

Love is the most powerful vibrant force that exists in the universe, and it has no limits.

Those who are wealthy with money, often develops a selfish cold paranoid bitter heart, and have no idea what love is.

How To Generate Material Abundance

The media has brainwashed most of us into believing that without having money, we’re not rich.

Realize this is just a clever marketing ploy, just to make themselves richer.

The truth being that money was invented just to keep track of your bank account.

The material abundance that this earth has to offer is yours for the taking, this whether you have money or not.

You don?t need that big house, a big yacht, that fancy car, a six-figure income, and four holidays every year to enjoy abundance.

These are just byproducts of a big ego and a low self esteem.

The biggest proof of this is nature, the great outdoors that is bigger than any of us.

So take a trek through a forest, a bike ride in the park, and then witness the sheer abundance of natural beauty.

Walk along a beach at moonlight, and enjoy all the abundance you need.

To Attract Abundance Your Way

So dare to dream and think big.

Know that those who are experiencing abundance know this secret. That in your quest to seek riches, the abundance you’re looking for is surrounding you right now.

Know that these are the keys to your financial independence.

You’re not cursed to not become rich in your lifetime, that you’re not deserving of becoming wealthy because of one reason or another.

You need to align the other areas of your abundant life first.

Your gift of creativity, making good life choices, your unique talents, taking care of your health, your capacity to love, the cornucopia of the natural world, is abundance.

Bathe and drown yourself in these first, and then the money will come.

Genuinely believe that you own this abundance, and then the riches will follow. Abundance will then flow towards you on your command.

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