What Are Backlinks When It Comes To SEO Ranking Your Site

Thursday, April 11th, 2024
What’s known to get more love from the search engines such as Google, are backlinks pointing back to your site. A backlink is when another site, the more “authoritative” the better, links back to your site or blog.

These backlinks are considered as “votes” of credibility for a specific post on a site.

A website that has more backlinks, usually has a higher organic search engine ranking than comparable sites, who are competing for the same keyword.

So what you need is to start building as many “natural” links back to your site as possible, to rank higher in the search engines.

Link building or backlinks, is one of the most important and essential actions of SEO you can take, which has consistently proven to work.

The key word being “work,” as it can become labor and sweat equity intensive, as links from other sites do not drop out of thin air.

Ratio wise, some claim you should be spending 20% of your time writing unique content, and the other 80% on promoting and building links back to that post. It’s that important.

Proven Methods On Naturally Building Links To Your Site

1. Provide Unique Relevant Helpful Content
You most likely heard this before, over and over again, because it remains one of the most effective ways to build quality links back to your site, and that’s writing relevant content.

Make sure you produce awe inspiring problem solving unique and informative content on your site and spread it around. Then other sites will begin to take notice and link back to you.

However, creating unique quality content shouldn’t necessarily mean hours of brainstorming over frantic, caffeine laden late-night blogging sessions.

How To Write Content That Attracts

Provide a “resource or reference” based post on your site, that has a useful list of links that everyone can bookmark and refer back to, if they need to do a certain task.

Make a list of say… “10 Must Have WordPress Plugins to Increase Your SEO.”

Make the post simple and easy to navigate with good resources for anyone who has a blog, and needs these plugins.

It won’t take long until websites begin linking back to that page.

Know that one of the triggers that will engage site visitors, is to get them to respond immediately.

Your Post Needs To Do One Of The Following:

• It saves someone time
• It saves someone money or makes them money
• It helps to simplify or improve a complicated process
• It improves the visitor’s appearance in some way
• It appeals to specific brands
• It removes doubt or settles an argument
• It promotes areas of health
• It promotes aspects of safety
• Write a review on a product or solution

What these pressure points does is triggers and leads to buyer intent, so you need to keep them in mind when creating a content rich resource related post.

Write Reviews On

• Is there some type of software or app that’s related to your website or business you can review, that your site visitors could use or like?
• Could you make a video or a tutorial, that teaches a visitor something that’s new or unique?

The Creation Of Unique Content

Before, as well as during the creation of your content, keep focused on the usability as well as the resourcefulness of the information.

Also make sure to keep your information as entertaining as possible, to keep your reader from straying, as doing so will naturally attract links back to your site.

Make Sure You Link Out

After you have written and crafted your post to SEO standards, to reach a better score, you can “link out” that post to an authority site.

One of the best ways is to link out to a Wikipedia page specific to your topic. It’s crucial you have a “No Follow” tag on this out going link.

Use your main targeted keyword that you want to rank for as the anchor text:

For Example… Reviews Of

Write And Syndicate News Worthy Blog Posts

It’s now pretty well known that displaying your news stories on other sites, are not always considered to be that dreaded “duplicate content” by the search engines.

It’s considered “syndicated” content, which makes it 100% percent white hat.

So begin by writing some trendy news articles on your niche or industry.

Once you publish the news item on your blog, then post that same article with a link back to your site on an authority site such as Medium.com.

Doing so can potentially propel that Medium post towards the top of the search engines.

It can also potentially be picked up by hundreds of media outlets, who will display the blog post on their sites. This is considered legitimate syndicated content.

Sharing 100% Hand Written Original Articles

Once you write or outsource and publish your unique articles on your blog, make sure you include a link back to your site in the bio box, located at the bottom of the article, regardless of where it’s published.

You will then begin to build link reputation, and start getting traffic spikes back to your site.

Then the chances increase that your article can potentially go viral, and gets published across several sites, which builds backlinks.

Other Recommended Back Linking Tips:

• Always remember the 80/20 rule when it comes to “anchor” text linking. Meaning you should be focusing 80% of your efforts on your targeted researched keyword phrase, and the other 20% percent on related synonyms.

The technical term for this is allowing for “Topic Drift,” where your links are never identical.

• Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is not about the number of links coming back to your site, but it’s more the specific “targeted” text that’s used in the link. (For example: never use ‘Click Here’).

• The links that are from within your own site matters. They’re just not quite as effective or influential as links coming from external sites.

• The links that are coming back from authority sites such as .edu websites, will always carry more weight than links from sites that have lower page rank or little traffic.

Backlinks From Comments

If you are blogging, make sure you keep the comments turned “on.” It then becomes a lot easier to link with other fellow bloggers, increasing the mindset of community based conversations.

Blogs can become excellent living and breathing entities, that can attract huge topical conversation trails to take place.

Make sure you become part of that community and you’ll soon discover that the stigma of linking to others, is not quite the same or difficult as begging for links.

The Importance Of Link Building

Link building should always be a vital tool in your SEO building strategy.

What this requires is persistent, often mundane work, but that hard labor will eventually pay off, resulting in large quantities of excellent quality incoming links back to your site.

What link building requires is “sweat equity” labor and effort, while you can also outsource it.

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