7 Ways On How To Successfully Sell A Product Online

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
So how do you sell a product online, is it just a matter of persuasion? Why do people decide to take some type of action on what you’re wanting them to buy? How do you motivate your prospect, so that they will voluntarily agree to do something that you ask, and think that it was their idea?

This could be to leave a comment on your blog, to submit their email address for more information, or to click that “Buy” button to purchase your product.

It has become a lot easier for affiliate marketers, to sell something to someone to make money, where you can now just manage your business online, and never have to meet anyone face-to-face.

Persuasion is when subtle calculated psychological prodding is applied to someone to take action, rather than using strong arm tactics, to demand someone to buy.

Imagine the chore of decades ago, that was the door-to-door salesman, where the huckster would constantly get a door slammed on their face, more often than not.

The experts in this field, are constantly refining and tweaking what ticks off or turns on the emotions of humans, such as when or why they buy, when it comes to online marketing.

If you know how to do this yourself at will, just by flicking a trigger switch, then you can gear up your blog content or your ads appropriately, just by using these psychological tactics.

Before going any further, I would like to mention that there’s no hokey pokey, nothing shady, there’s nothing deceitful or “black hat” manipulation, or cheating or stealing from someone.

Common Everyday Persuasion Tactics

But instead, what’s used is common sense, to utilize the science of convincing, such as, you never ask someone to make a major decision, when they’re angry.

What every wise wife or smart child knows, is how to place their husband or parents in that particular “mood,” before they ask for their special request, or reveal something startling.

Kids have especially mastered this, as they will patiently wait until their parents are in a good mood and agreeable, before they tell them the cost of that dress, or that new dent on the car.

7 Ways To Convince Someone To Buy From You

1.) – Create Scarcity
What people want is exclusivity, to buy or acquire something that’s special and unique. To get opportunities or products that are limited in availability.

That’s why the slickest of ad copy writers, will always show in their ad that their offer is either extremely limited in time, or limited in quantity.

What extensive split-testing has also shown, is that it’s using “limited quantity” on their ads or sales copy, that will consistently pull much better than the “limited time” ads.

The reason for this, is because procrastination is still a huge factor of human nature, as “I will wait” usually wins. So most will just postpone until the very last moment to act, when it comes to limited time.

On the other hand, if the prospect knows that the item is in limited quantity, this real or not, then they have no idea when the goods that they’re wanting will be sold out, so they act sooner.

2.) – Herding Instinct
Your prospects will respond better to your “call to action,” if you can prove to them that their peers, their competition, or people just like them, are buying what you’re selling.

The savviest of “door-to-door” salesman, once they knock on your door selling magazine subscriptions for instance, will often use this tactic.

Once you show even just a spark of interest in what they’re peddling, they will immediately tell you that Susie, who lives 5 doors down, just bought a yearly subscription.

What we all want is to keep up with the status quo, our neighbors, the “Joneses” of the world. Needless to say, many will fall for it, hook line and sinker.

Whether you would even bother to read the magazine, is another story.

For further proof, just take a walk down your block and look for certain patterns.

If you see a satellite dish on a neighbors house who lives down the street, what you would also most likely find, are several other houses that has the same dish receiver.

Once one of the neighbors gets one, then it’s for certain that most others will follow. What nobody wants is to be left out like a sore thumb!

This is where the use of testimonials or comments on your blog comes in.

What your testimonials say is, “See, a lot of other people just like you, are making this buying decision, so you should as well.”

3.) – The Need To Return The Favor
Once a customer feels that you’ve given them something that feels valuable to them, then what you’ve created is a strong obligation for them to pay you back somehow.

So begin by giving away a gift that’s worth something, to make it worthwhile for your customer to take some type of action.

For instance, this could be a free eBook, in exchange for their email address.

The mindset then becomes, okay so if you’re going to give me this free gift, then it’s worth my while to give you my email address.

When marketing, what you first need to do is give away something that has perceived value to the customer. What this does is builds trust, loyalty and results.

Always show the value of what your “free” service or giveaway is, while trying to avoid saying that it’s actually “FREE.”

Or better yet, describe the value of the gift, then tell them that it’s free.

This is an important step, because what you want is to plant some type of value in their mind first, and then make them want it at whatever cost.

Always describe the value of the item to them first. Always go out of your way to prove its value.

4.) – Be An “Authority” Figure
People will always respond to you, if they think, see or feel that you are an authority figure on the subject, or your field.

For instance, say you see a TV commercial – “It was my son-in-law who recommended that I take _____ for my diabetes. You’re wondering why I should listen to him? Well, it’s because he’s a doctor.”

If you think that you don’t have authority in the affiliate product that you’re promoting, or what you’re advertising, then use quotes or testimonials from the experts in the field.

5.) – Making A “Commitment”
If you or someone makes a verbal or written public commitment on something, then you’re more than likely to follow through.

Find a way to get your customer to make a mental, written or a verbal commitment, then the odds increases that they’ll do what they said.

This is the reason why any motivational trainer will always tell you, that it’s vitally important to write down all your goals, as you are then more than likely to follow through.

The actual physical act of the commitment that you’ve made, will make you feel more obligated to follow through, as you’ve already subconsciously committed yourself.

6.) – Your “Likability” Factor
There’s an increased chance that your customer will positively respond favorably to your offer, if they initially like you as a person first.

It’s also a known fact that the chances increases and they’ll likely take some type of action, if you tell them you like who they are, and then they’ll also most likely like you back as well.

The degree of difficulty to sell reduces significantly, if you have some type of prior relationship with someone, even if it’s just a “perceived” relationship.

This is one of the most overlooked areas, when it comes to marketing on the Internet. This because the big bad Internet can appear like a cold place, more often than not.

This is why video marketing works so well, as a name can be placed with a voice and a face. Email marketing, for many still creates doubt because of its anonymity, so they hesitate to respond.

The Internet however, is also a great tool to build solid relationships, this through video, instant messages, engaging content and providing other types of social proof.

Always give people value, more that what they expected and you will have a customer for life!

7.) – “What’s In It For Me?”
As your suspect turns into a prospect, and then makes a purchase and becomes a customer, the one thing that they’re always asking themselves through this sales funnel is, “What’s In It For Me?”

So make sure that you give them plenty of reasons and answers, on what they could gain for themselves, when they buy from you.

Focus on appealing to their desire to be recognized, to get rich, improve their health, or feel safe and secure.

There is a laundry list of needs, hurts and emotional triggers that you can use, the most important being the fear of pain or loss.

What research shows, is that people are always more responsive to feeling some type of loss, than they are to gain something.

So make it a point, to explain to them what they could potentially lose, if they don’t take some type of action on what you’re offering.

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