The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Sunday, June 16th, 2024
So you’re wondering, is it possible for me to make money online starting an Affiliate Marketing business, with a WordPress blog? How much can I expect to earn, would it be enough so I can live a comfortable lifestyle? How much would it cost, for me to start up my own home based business?

If you are not afraid of hard work to get started, and are willing and eager to go through the process of learning the ropes, and will hang in there through thick and thin, then this is for you.

So yes, it is entirely possible that you can start your own online business immediately. There are thousands of people on a daily basis, people like you who are doing so.

Imagine finally getting rid of your business shoes, exiting the “rat race” and deciding to work from the comfort of your own home.

There are billions of people around the globe right now, who are hanging out on the Internet. This to solve their every chaos and whim. Everybody has a hurt, a discomfort. Everybody wants to be cured or be loved, so they go online to fix themselves.

The good news is, that they spend millions of dollars doing so, and this is where you come in. To help them solve their dilemma, by you setting up your own blog and coming up with a solution for them.

Your Own Online Business

You can start right now, part-time or full-time, and study and learn at your convenience. All you need is to follow a program, learn a system, a proven blueprint and then take action on it.

You need to be determined and dedicated, that you won’t give up easily by sticking with it, until you learn the ropes. So say to yourself right now, out loud, “I Can Do This!”

It is possible for you to make money online, just follow the lead, as there are multitudes of people similar to you, doing so at this very moment, so why not join them?

The biggest problem is however, that most choose to do it alone. The reason for this, is because they’re embarrassed, or they just consider it a hobby or a fling. That it’s just a pipe dream, this wanting to become financially independent.

Many don’t have the confidence, so they dare not tell a soul, because they might get humiliated or laughed at by their friends or family. They believe that they will fail miserably.

Buyer Beware Online

What many fall for, is they buying a cheap Internet Marketing course online, from someone of ill repute, who doesn’t have a clue themselves on how to start a home based business and make money.

They also don’t care if you succeed or not. It’s easy to fall for these schemes, by these modern day snake oil salesman who’ll tease you with promises of big riches.

Realize that they make money off of you, by selling you their magical “1-click software” program, where you can earn $100s a day on autopilot, starting tomorrow. You’re smart enough to know that these are scams.

They’re just in it for the easy money themselves, as they launch their product of the month from a different viewpoint, a different marketing perspective.

Those who buys these programs then get discouraged and disappointed, and then quit once it doesn’t work out for them, as they convince themselves that Internet Marketing isn’t for them.

This is what these “phony” marketers are thinking…
“How much money can I make today? How many sales can I get from these newbies? How many beginner affiliates can I get to promote my new digital solution? “How can I squeeze every dollar possible out of these suckers?”

Then they sit back for a while, count their money, and will then eventually launch another useless product, or use an alias name.

They count their blessings, as they lick their lips as they rinse and repeat. The entire process starts again, as their thinking never changes.

Well, you know better, as you can sniff out these tricksters a mile away.

Instead: How About Joining A Training Program That Thinks Like This…

• “How can I change as many people’s lives as possible for the better?”
• “How can I create more successful Internet marketers without the hype of outlandish promises?”
• “How can I have a lasting impact when it comes to the financial welfare of others?”
• “How can I alter for the better, the lives of my fellow human beings?”

This is the type of training program that you need, and not someone who’s looking out for Number #1, which is themselves.

Reasons Why Most Beginners Fail To Make Any Money Online…

• 1) – They try to do it alone, hellishly, not treating it like a real business but more of a hobby. They’re skeptical, as they just shrug their shoulders once they fail, telling themselves “I tried.”

• 2) – They don’t realize, that those “thin” marketers who they constantly listen to, trust and buy product from, those so called “gurus,” who promises to show them the way to massive riches, don’t give a damn about their success.

Then there are the wanna be marketers who just constantly procrastinates, as they don’t even bother trying, as they’re too afraid to take action, and then can’t figure out why they fail.

These are the ones, who spends $100s of dollars buying Internet Marketing product after Internet Marketing product, and all it does is just sits there and collects digital dust in their computer.

They all wonder why they can’t succeed, that maybe they’re cursed, as they expected the money to spit out of their computer.

Develop The Right Mentality

What we as humans should instead do first is examine our mindset, our work ethic, our emotional hangups.

It’s important at times to identify them first, and then do your best to get over them. You need to take some type of personal accountability yourself.

What finding the right mentor, or finding the right training program or a community of like minded Affiliate Marketers will do, is help you overcome most of these hurdles.

The right mentor will pave the road for you, pick you up when you’re down. But where do find such a support group who cares about you as a human first? They are few and far between.

What’s In It For Them? A Mentor Who Wants To Help

For anyone who wants to genuinely help you, for anyone who cares about your success in the deepest sense, they need to care because their success is directly dependent by your success.

But you know what? That’s okay! In fact, it’s better than okay. It’s what you want!

1.) – Would you rather have someone helping you out, because they’re a good person and cares about your situation, someone with a kind heart and a beautiful generous soul?

2.) – or would you rather have someone to help you out, who can potentially lose their freaking home for instance, if they don’t get you off your butt so you can start making money for them?

Everyone will take that second person any day of the week.

They’re facing a real world crisis and have a valid reason, to care about you and helping you out. If you’re not making any money for them, that will cause them pain!

So where can you find such a person? Where can you find someone who can help you make $100s a day like it’s nothing… and then push you to earn much more than that, over time?

Find The “Real” Help You Need

In order to make it in Affiliate Marketing, you just don’t want someone with some good ideas floating around in their head, with motivation burning out of their belly.

What you want instead, is a mentor who already has a proven track record that’s in place. Not just a concept, but a plug-and-play Done-For-You system, a proven funnel that works, such as:

1.) – Somewhere to host your blogs
2.) – Millions of Affiliate products that you can sell which complements your niche
3.) – A membership site and a dedicated community for support which costs less than $50 per month
4.) – A massive group of others who shares the same goals as you and are always wanting to help
5.) – A recurring residual affiliate program to sell the “program”
6.) – A mentor who’s entire business and reputation is predicated on your success

You should realize by now, that you’ll be disappointed with the fluffy feel-good, “Ra! Ra! Ra!” nonsense type of programs, who offers nothing but empty hopes and promises.

What you need instead is structure, a proven training program and a system, with a built in money-making infrastructure that’s already established, and there are real people who are making money from it.

This Is Where You Should Start

Hopefully, you’re starting to get excited?

As you know by now, there are plenty of money-making methods out there, the majority of them being bogus or pipe dreams.

Then there are the real ones, such as product creation, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, blogging, SAAS, providing online services etc… and that’s just scratching the surface.

The reason why they exist, is because that’s how the most successful marketers are making money online right now, and that’s where you need to start.

So you’re wondering, what’s the easiest way on how I can begin, so I can start learning how to make money as an Internet Marketer?

Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is a beneficial agreement for both the merchant, and the affiliate marketer. It is the preferred method of entry into the Internet marketing world.

The definition of Affiliate Marketing, is that it’s a marketing arrangement, where an online retailer, merchant or product owner, agrees to pay a commission to an external website or a blog, for traffic or sales that’s generated from its referrals.

The Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing For Marketers

There’s No Need To Own Your Own Product
The biggest advantage for Affiliate Marketers, is that you don’t need to own, create or develop your own product. That’s the role of the merchant, and that’s for them to create and then supply the products for you.

All that you the Affiliate Marketer needs to do, is select from the millions of products that are available to you from the various merchants, so you can market them on your blog. The classic “middle-man” scenario.

What’s supplied by the merchants, are unique affiliate links that you place on your blog, that identifies who you are, and then you’re in business.

All that’s then required, is your visitor to click on that “link” and make a purchase or take some type of action, for you to earn a commission.

You Can Start With Less Than $50 Per Month
Another great feature of Affiliate Marketing, is the low cost of entry. If you’re new, what you need is the proper training, a domain name and website hosting. What’s also needed is your time and effort, and the willingness to learn.

Affiliate Marketing, remains the lowest investment of any business online, while having the highest potential of earnings, because you can scale up. Another advantage, is you own an asset that you can sell if you want to.

Easiest Online Business
When it comes to starting an online business, Affiliate Marketing is definitely the easiest, because the merchants do most of the legwork for you. All you need is to promote your blog and the product.

What the merchant supplies is the product, delivers the product to your customer, handles the money transaction, deals with all the returns and complaints, etc.

Affiliate marketers are not responsible for any of these tasks. All that’s needed, is for you to focus on marketing online.

The Classic “Make Money While You Sleep”
Once you have your blog set up, and have content on the blog to promote the affiliate products, then the majority of your work is done. There’s no need to monitor your blog 24/7 to make money.

What the search engines or paid advertising will do, is send people to your blog, and if they like your content and the products that you’re promoting, they will click on your affiliate link to buy it, which earns you a commission.

The Potential To Scale Up
You can select any niche or market that you want for your blog, or choose any affiliate product that you want to promote.

If you find that there’s a certain trending “pet product” for instance, and that happens to be your niche, all you need is to just sign up for that affiliate program, get the links, and then post them on your blog, all this within minutes.

The Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing For Merchants

More Sales In Less Time
The merchant has the advantage of their product being promoted, by a variety of affiliate marketers at the same time, with no added effort on their own, so it could potentially go viral.

The merchants main website that sells the products, also generates massive backlinks to their site, as all of the affiliates links from every website that’s promoting their product, is pointing back to them.

The blog or website of every affiliate marketer, also sends every buyer that they recruit, back to the merchants website, which creates massive traffic for them on autopilot.

Creates A Broader Market To Sell Products
What having new affiliates coming on board for the merchant does, is automatically expands their market share for them.

The merchants can also do their research and due diligence, and just pick and choose the best performing affiliate?s blogs with the best content or marketing, or those who are making the most sales for them.

Note that the best performing affiliate blogs, are the ones that best matches or emulates the merchants site or theme the closest, and as a result most often converts the best.

Requires Less Effort
What the affiliates are doing, is the majority of the marketing and the promotion for the merchant. They’re testing on their behalf, which of the products sell the best, based on the advertising or promotional methods used.

What the merchants get, is massive feedback on the demographic and geographical buyers of their products, as the best affiliates will do all of the critical testing for them.

If the affiliates are doing a great job, then the merchants don’t need to spend any extra time or money, advertising their business or products on their own.

All that’s needed by the merchant, is to just concentrate on improving the quality of their products, launch new products, or streamline their existing customer service or logistics better.

Affiliate Marketing, remains the best and the most reliable source of income, that’s available for online marketers, while providing more traffic and revenue in less time for the merchants.

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