Ways To Build A Better WordPress Blog To Get More Traffic

Friday, June 14th, 2024
The majority of the blogs out there on the Internet, including some Affiliate Marketing blogs are not user friendly enough. They should act as a filter to an existing company, business or a product. What blogs do is they add a human element. They add a social component to the online concern, one that adds an opinion or an explanation, of their core mission. Blogs should act as a voice that connects directly to the reader on a peer-to-peer basis.

The essence of the Internet and what everybody still wants, is free information. What a well crafted blog does is provides that. What a blog represents, is it acts as a bridge, a method of connecting people to an entity.

What blogging represents, is it’s the premier method of content marketing to the masses, to spread the word. So it needs to be relevant and on point, and not be processed filler.

Blogging keeps your most current and potential readers informed and up to date, designed to hopefully steer them into becoming buying customers or taking the desired action that you want.

According to various metrics, there are now over 500 million blogs online, and is growing like a virus that’s fueled by gasoline wildfire. Anyone can start a blog. Not everyone has a good blog.

It’s also predicted that 95% percent of them, makes less $100 per month. The majority of them, not even a dime.

So for most bloggers, it’s not a business or a job, it’s more a hobby unless they’re willing to learn how to make money, especially if it’s an Affiliate blog, that markets the products of others.

What you need is the proper training to set up a profitable blog, which is writing the proper content for the right products, and then learning how to get organic targeted traffic to that blog.

Build A Better Blog

For professional companies and businesses, who uses blogs as a people friendly passage way for their business, receives the majority of the traffic and the leads, this because it’s well constructed.

What every citizen of the Internet, what every customer, client and potential buyer despises without a doubt is advertising, especially the blatant annoying obvious type.

But what people continue to love and seek out are blogs, because what they represent is a honest link, a connection. What they create is a human bond to any organization, business or product.

The Best Blogging Platform

WordPress remains the best and the preferred platform for blogging, as it’s free to install, easy to learn, and it optimizes the best for SEO, to get traffic.

It offers a variety of free and paid themes and plugins, for practically anything that you want to do or represent, especially for Affiliate Marketers. It has built in sitemap generation, webmaster tools, and meta optimization.

What a sitemap does, is it allows the search engines to find your latest posts, which helps to improve your ranking results for your blog, if it’s optimized properly.

What webmaster tools does, is it helps in spotting problem areas on your blog. Meta optimization keeps your site relevant, as it provides precise permanent targeted exposure to the masses.

WordPress themes can make you look brilliant, with just a few clicks. All you need is the proper web design, the proper settings, and the appropriate plugins.

Most of the themes for WordPress remains free, this in the spirit of “Open Source” sharing, so you can be as modern and trendy as you want, without designing anything on your own.

Make sure that that the blog is responsive, which means that it conforms to all of the user devices on the Internet, such as smartphones, tablets and desktops.

There’s also nothing that scares away your readers faster, than a slow loading site or a theme that’s tired, outdated and unattractive.

Supply Quality Relevant Unique Content

What the search engine bots will do, is scour the Internet for sites and blogs, which aligns with their strict protocols, such as having new unique fresh content. This in a world of curation, and copy and paste text.

All of your posts, needs to minimally pass the copyscape test (www.copyscape.com). If it happens to be duplicate, then that means you’re copying someone else’s content and pasting it on your blog. Or, other bloggers are copying and pasting your content.

The content that you produce, also needs to be accepted and approved by your online neighbors, such as other blogs, businesses, companies and social media influencers in your niche, or your area of expertise and interest.

So if these online allies are sharing your content on their own blogs or on social media, is when the search engines will begin taking more notice of your site.

Why Blog Readers Stay

Know your bounce rate, which is how long that your new visitors will stay on your site. Reasons why they quickly abandon your blog post, is that it’s unreadable, boring, or it loads too slow. So it’s vitally important to get a good web host

Regardless of how relevant, unique or new that your content is, if your targeted visitors don’t want to stick around and read your posts, then you need to improve your engagement so they stay longer.

Begin with a captivating easy to understand headline, that poses and solves the readers questions and needs. Use warm inviting concise wording, that the reader immediately understands in a split-second.

Your blog needs to flow from one word to another into readable sentences, which leads to well structured paragraphs with appropriate sub-headings.

The spelling needs to be correct, and the punctuation and grammar needs to be passable.

How To Provide Fresh Content

What the search engines will score, is the freshness of your posts. This from the initial date that it was first discovered and indexed by the bots, to when it was last updated. It needs to be substantial enough, so that it takes notice.

The content needs to be new and updated frequently, and not be stale, wilted or copied. It shouldn’t be rehashed content that?s been on the Internet since 2005.

One of the best ways to solve the “freshness” test, is to repurpose the content that’s already on your blog, which means update or add to your most popular articles to keep it current.

Supply a variety of different posts on your blog, such as articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, news updates, how to guides and reports, case studies, and testimonials.

Anything that’s refreshing, anything that engages and captures the online readers attention.

The Use Of Links

What most bloggers realize, is that if their blog has multiple quality links from preferably authority sites, that are pointing back to their posts, does is gains points from the search engines.

You need to know exactly where your links are coming from, how genuine and valid they are. Are they from trusted sites, or are they from questionable seedy neighborhoods.

One way to build quality links, is by guest posting on sites that are authoritative and trusted, and are in the same niche or industry sector that you’re in. If your blog is about knitting, then look for knitting sites and not golf or car blogs.

Another method, is building relationships with other bloggers in your niche, by placing outbound links on your blog posts to theirs.

What you need is to make sure that it’s on topic, and that the site or blog that you’re providing a link to, is similar to your niche.

Building Online Relationships

Blogs that become popular and remains sustainable:

• The blog needs to have routine consistent unique content
• The blog needs to build and have quality links and have reputable relationships
• The blog needs to connect with your readership base so they would share the content
• The blog needs to comply to the rules of the search engines
• The blog needs to be attractive and be in it to the long run

The goal of your blog is to reach the first page of the search engines, but there are millions of other posts begging and competing for the same ranking, so just a few will reach that status, the holy grail of free traffic.

So instead, what you need is to select a more targeted audience, by using less popular keywords, and not the most popular generic ones.

You also need to develop different strategies to increase your readership in other ways, other than just the search engines, by providing value, which encourages engagement.

Realize that the majority of your content on your posts won’t be that great, pretty or relevant, so just make sure that they serve some type of value to the reader.

The effort and the groundwork needs to be consistent, which should eventually result in more shares, that eventually leads to higher rankings on the search engines, which produces more traffic, conversions and revenue.

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