Using Simple Math On How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

Saturday, June 22nd, 2024
Most think that Affiliate Marketing sounds easy. All that I need is a blog, and I don’t even need my own product? All that I do is just promote the products that’s owned by others, and once they sell, I earn a commission. So there’s really no risk on my part, other than buying a domain name, getting website hosting, starting a blog and writing content to promote that product. Simple, right?

Then what many will say is, after trying Affiliate Marketing on their own for six months or longer, “I’m yet to earn a dime, so I don’t think that this Affiliate Marketing business is right for me.”

What you need instead is the proper mindset, a different viewpoint, a different philosophy regarding money and a better understanding of how “numbers” work.

The need to understand that making money on the Internet, or anything else you do, is nothing more than a numbers game. What needs to be understood is how basic math and multiplication works, and how you can apply it to Affiliate Marketing.

The World Is Not In Disarray

The seemingly irrational world that we live in, is instead thought to be in a concise calculated order of events, and not as random, confused and chaotic as it appears to be on the surface.

Know that there is a precise order, on how and why everything works and happens. This is no different when it comes to your home based business, such as Affiliate Marketing.

Know that there’s no exception, when it comes to everything that you do on a daily basis, so there is no reason why you can’t become a Affiliorama. Believe that there is a strict scientific formula, which complies orderly to the laws of the Universe.

For further proof on how and where these results arrive from, is by observing your immediate environment.

What experts have discovered, is that there are certain laws of nature, that always consistently follows a precise pattern.

There are certain laws of physics, which appears in everything that’s living, from a tiny singular atom to enormous gigantic entities.

Everything that is present on the physical realm of our everyday living, is influenced by these indisputable unbreakable laws. These can also be applied, to your Affiliate Marketing business. One of these laws, is the law of multiplication, which is an orderly conduct.

Multiplication Is The Key

Multiplication is a natural occurrence in life. It can be found everywhere around us in nature, once we take the time to examine it up close. Any living entity, regardless of its size or its strength, will instinctively conform by expanding and multiplying.

So the key becomes, learning, knowing and understanding how you can apply these same natural principles to your business, or to any other wealth building activity.

The Human Growth Map

So please bear with the explanation, on the scientific version of how the laws of multiplication works. The same principles can be applied, when wanting to earn money in your business.

It all begins with us, we humans, as living breathing entities. We as people are able to grow from being a single tiny microscopic cell, into relatively gigantic organisms.

There are literally trillions of cells, that makes up the average adult human body. For it to fully mature, it takes a little over 20 years for us to become fully grown humans. What it’s doing, is following a precise mathematical formula.

What the human genome has been encoded with, is specialized biological information, which instructs the cells to split and then multiply rapidly.

We, like any other animal species that grows quickly during it’s first few years of life, what the cells will do is divide rapidly as programmed, and as a result, there are more cells that are created than dies off.

It Then Reaches A Tipping Point

Once we humans reach at a certain age, what our metabolism biologically does is begins to slow down. This is when we eventually reach the peak of our lives, and then the growing process begins to reverse itself.

This is the period that we dread the most, and that’s when we stop growing and start getting old. Our cells then no longer work for us, but against us.

For instance, if the cells in our bodies as we grow older, continues to divide at the same rapid rate when we were kids, and say that it doesn?t stop until we’re in our fifties, then we would become gigantic “Godzilla” like beings.

Another reason why we stop growing, is because of DNA mutation and cellular damage, which is most often caused by exposure to free radicals, then the cells stop growing.

If our health begins to deteriorate, or we contract some type of disease such as develop tumor cells, what these cells become is immortal. They will then begin to multiply like the virus they are, and continue dividing until we get fatally ill.

The Order Of Reproduction

What organisms will continually do, is reproduce nonstop as that’s how they’re programmed, this to expand their particular species.

Biologically speaking, there’s a constant battle that is persistent, between how many healthy cells that are able to reproduce, versus how many cells die off in any living entity. Be it plants, insects, or humans.

If our bodies are able to maintain a balance that’s known as cellular senescence, which is the aging process of cells that results in the cells dying off, and cellular mitosis which is the process of how cells divide, then we would all be able to live forever.

What we also need is to be aware of foreign invaders, such as disease and accidents. If it wasn’t for this external interference, we humans are genetically programed to live for over a century.

This is the same that occurs to any other living multi-cellular organism.

What new specimens will do, is replace the old ones, which then keeps the species vibrant and eternal. Without these new specimens, it wouldn’t be able to survive, and extinction as a result, would begin.

The Law Of Multiplication

If you’re still reading this, then pardon the Biology lesson. What you can learn, is how you can apply these same principles to make money in your business.

What we know based on the Law of Multiplication, is that anything that’s capable of growing exponentially, has the ability to explode.

Even if you begin with an invisible tiny microscopic particle, it can increase in size rapidly. What we then end up with, is a fast growing entity within a short period of time.

The Magic Of Compounding

The best example of this is the magic of compound interest. For instance, say that you?ve found a way, on how you can double your money every month for 10 consecutive months.

So what this means, is that you begin with say $1000 dollars, and are then able to earn 100% return/profit on your money every month. You double your money on the principle every thirty days. Then in ten months, you’ve ten-folded your money.

You Begin With $1,000, And Then…

Month 1. – $2,000
Month 2. – $4,000
Month 3. – $8,000
Month 4. – $16,000
Month 5. – $32,000
Month 6. – $64,000
Month 7. – $128,000
Month 8. – $256,000
Month 9. – $512,000
Month 10. – $1,024,000

The Numbers Don?t Lie

What many will do is attempt to compound their money this way, by trading the financial markets, such as the stock or Forex markets, which we all know is a risky venture.

Since trading is extremely unpredictable when attempting to compound profits, there’s an extremely high chance that the investor could potentially lose all their money, including the initial capital investment.

There are however a variety of ways, on how you can compound profits that are safer. Some of them being riskier than others.

For instance, what many will do is speculate in real estate by buying land. Once this land begins to appreciate in value as it always does, what these speculators will then do is flip it, and sell the property at a profit.

They will then reinvest the profits that they’ve made, and put it back into buying more real estate. This is also one of the best surefire ways to generate passive income.

The Need To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

A safer more proven way of compounding your money, is by creating multiple streams of income. This isn’t as risky as wanting to trade your hard earned capital in the financial markets, this in the hopes to compound your money.

What’s known for certain, is that what compounding your money can do, is turn you into an extremely wealthy person, if it’s executed properly.

The higher the risk that you take, the higher the reward usually is.

The key is to begin setting up a single stream of passive income first, in this case an Affiliate Marketing blog. Scale it up until it becomes profitable, then create another one.

Once it begins to generate income, use those profits or a portion of it, to fund a new stream of income. Then after that one begins to generate money, set up a third one, and so on.

Passive Streams Of Income

The advantage of having passive income, such as setting up multiple blogs that markets affiliate products, is that you don?t need to be actively working on them full time, to make money.

What these passive streams of income will do, is they will become your virtual army of worker ants to produce money for you once they’re set up, even when you?re working on something else, or when you’re sleeping or on vacation

All that you need to do, is maintain these multiple streams of income, to make sure that they?re on the right path.

The Magic Of Numbers

On paper, the magic that is compounding money, appears completely transparent and logical as the numbers don’t lie.

What’s needed is taking action that’s fueled by determination, following a strict protocol such as a training program on Affiliate Marketing, and then applying the proven principles.

There are no hidden secrets, when it comes to the multiplication and the compounding process.

This is what the masters of finance or the super affiliate marketers have always known and done, which is to apply these principles to their advantage, as all they?re doing is just using simple math.

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