A Scientific Guide How Anyone Can Become Successful In Life

Friday, July 12th, 2024
Everyone has heard of someone somewhere, who’s become an overnight success. Perhaps you want to become one yourself someday soon. So the question is, when in the future, what night do you want to become this success?

A night maybe two years from now, the night when you turn 60 years old? Realize that overnight successes, don’t become successful overnight.

They put in a lot of hard work, until that day finally arrives when they succeed. That pivotal moment.

There are a lot that’s going on behind the scenes, plenty of legwork before someone finally becomes successful, that one fateful day. So there’s no such thing as someone who’s magically an overnight success.

They work feverishly towards that one day soon, when they finally make it. For you, believe that day is coming soon. You just need to get ready and plan for it.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

What the most successful people in the world will tell you, is that they spent countless hours, working and nurturing their various ongoing projects.

Hoping that one of them, will eventually pay off soon. Then one day, whatever business that they?re doing, finally pans out and pays off. They begin to make money and a profit.

Most assume that those who are successful, had a god given streak of luck, or had everything handed to them on a silver platter. That they’re gifted with a high IQ, so whatever they do just comes naturally for them.

Know that it’s what they do, and what you most likely don’t do behind the scenes, is the reason why. The particular methodology and belief system that they use to get to that point of success, is what makes them a winner.

Never Let Others See You Sweat

Success is similar to a duck that?s floating on a lake. They appear cool calm and collected on the surface, as they glide peacefully and gracefully on the water. They appear relaxed and in control of their life.

But what you don’t see, is what’s happening underneath them in the water. Their little webbed feet, is frantically, rapidly paddling furiously to keep progressing forward.

What nobody could see, and what they will never reveal, is how hard they’re working.

What they appear however is brilliantly successful on the surface. What?s happening underneath them however, is the engine that keeps them moving forward, one that no one can see.

It’s the motor named desire, that helps them propel forward and succeed.

There?s a lot going on behind the scenes that you’re not privy to, or are aware of, that makes a successful person. Certain habits, practices, traits that they have and do, that you don’t realize. This is what makes them excel.

They Prepare Themselves More Efficiently

Those who are success oriented, will plan in advance their execution for the long journey ahead. They realize that this journey, can at times become a marathon, one that they’re ready for, rather than a jog around the park.

On this journey, they know that they?ll encounter unknown obstacles that are completely unexpected, roadblocks that no one warned them about.

So they’ll tread slowly down the poorly lit avenues of ideas, while discovering a whole lot about themselves along the way.

Everything Is An Opportunity

Those who has a success mindset, welcome and treat everything and everyone they encounter as an opportunity. They welcome and treat rejection and failure as a lesson learned, for personal and professional growth.

They generate their strength, from knowing that being rejected isn’t the end of the road, but opens a new path to a hopefully better one. They honor the saying, “A new door will open as an old one closes.”

This is why you’ll rarely see the successful panic, once things don’t go their way, in times when they run into an obstacle.

This because they have the knowledge, the foresight, the experience and the confidence, that they can work through any challenge that they face.

They’re Always Wondering And Asking Questions

Those who are success oriented, will always ask the key questions to any situation or dilemma, this without fail.

They don’t care how asinine or ridiculous they may sound or appear to others. They just don?t care.

There are also the key questions, that they constantly asks themselves. They consider these questions far more important than any other, that someone could ever ask them.

Questions such as: “Where am I wanting to go, what’s my final destination with this work that I?m doing?” “Does this work I’m doing serve a higher purpose?? ?Who should I be asking to get honest feedback regarding my work? “What keeps me motivated?”

They Live A Balanced Life

Those who are success oriented, will keep their lives balanced at all times, by constantly monitoring themselves.

What they realize, is that their life and work is a constant work in progress, with a singular purpose and a set destination. So self-care becomes critical.

They realize that life is unforgivable, that things can easily turn and twist on a dime, and things can begin to work against them.

That life can at times push them off the balance beam, throwing them in disarray.

They know that life is a twisting volatile journey, an expedition on rugged terrain that is often unknown.

Successful people realize that if they spend all of their time and energy climbing one hill, that they’ll eventually burnout.

If they don’t properly pace themselves, they?ll become too exhausted to reach their goals and destination.

So what they do is take mind and body breaks, have fun, by injecting some entertainment in their life.

There Are No Shortcuts

What success oriented people know, is that the core of their essence is hard work, having the determination, perseverance and the discipline to create the results that they want.

What most who are struggling wants are instant results. And if they don’t get it immediately, they’ll usually give up and quit.

What?s needed instead, are well planned thoughtful goals with allowance for mistakes, which they execute by taking action.

Those Surprises In Life

What success oriented people are aware of, is that work isn’t fair, that there are a variety of potholes and blind spots, that are lurking around every corner of life.

So they remain open, ready, and willing to ask for help if they need it, this in the areas that they haven?t mastered yet.

They realize that what others have and can offer, are different perspectives that they don?t know, which leads to new growth opportunities.

They’re Constantly Learning

Those who are successful, are all lifelong learners. They?re constantly doing independent research, reading and writing, engaging in the wisdom of others. Their goal is to listen, participate and absorb.

They know that they’re the only one who’s solely responsible for they laying down the foundation for their lives, their success. This growth can only come, from broadening their existing knowledge base.

They Have No Ego

Those who are successful in life never get caught up in petty drama, idolize status symbols or labels. They realize that the best opportunities are hidden where others don?t see, or are overlooked.

Successful people know that certain things, the latest fads, aren’t and won?t always necessarily be the best value or solution for their business. So they find what the best fit for them is.

They Practice Gratitude Daily

Those who are success oriented, they cherish gratitude, as they are thankful for all they have. They’ve adopted this mindset, as part of their daily ritual.

They’re grateful not just for what they?ve accomplished in life, but also for those who’s help them along the way.

They’re always quick with a sincere ?Thank you,? to those who’s given them support. Gratitude becomes the key foundational piece, to sculpting their future.

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