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Friday, May 24th, 2024
Your entire existence as an affiliate marketer, lives and dies on how well your online marketing blog converts. Which is, your ability to bring in new customers to read your content, that turns into buyers. Your success always isn’t based entirely on your passion, motivation, or you wanting to help people. Although that’s a start.

Using different traffic tactics to attract visitors, is more the answer, and not just relying on one method, such as search engine SEO traffic.

You also most likely already realize this.

It’s not always about writing blog post after blog post, while counting how many words you write.

So this is the dilemma, you desperately need targeted traffic and lots of it to your blog that converts into buyers, to survive.

So you follow all of the rules that Google wants, every protocol, every instruction in the attempts to extract traffic from the Internet, but it just dribbles in.

You could be the greatest content writer, or offer an outstanding in-demand product at a great price. But if you’re not able to get traffic, you won’t make any money as a blogger, as the frustration mounts.

So you need to find out different traffic methods.

Give Me The Traffic Now

It doesn’t matter which side of the ledger you’re on. If you?re an affiliate marketer, a business who’s searching for new clients, or you’re the end consumer looking to buy something.

What?s now experienced by everybody, are the biting teeth of Internet technology, especially the grasp it has when it comes to online marketing.

Traditional advertising as we know it, is now flipping and flopping, changing its stars and stripes and this at warp speed.

We’ve now entered the Golden Age of the Internet, when it comes to digital advertising.

What it’s now successfully done, is out paced a variety of other previously effective advertising models, because of it’s autonomy and economy, such as TV, print, and radio advertising.

When it comes to online businesses, it?s never been easier or more affordable, to advertise precisely to their target market, with pinpoint precision, to get the precise traffic they need.

This is now made possible, because of the collection of aggregated data.

What the Internet now collects, are unprecedented amounts of organized consumer information, that is also instantly available for anyone who wants it.

What you need however, is to know where and how to get it.

‘Big Brother’ Target Marketing

What?s now becoming true, are all of the fictional predictions, this from just a few decades ago, that ?big brother,? alias the Internet, is collecting data and now knows everything about you.

Whats been collecting, accumulating is a complete virtual profile of who you are.

This includes your name, your habits, likes, dislikes, mannerisms, all gathered, organized and integrated online.

So because of this readily available data on you, it’s becoming a field day for advanced marketers, to accurately target you the consumer and your buying habits, with sniper like precision.

Your Exact Intentions Exposed

Anyone with Internet access, usually uses the search engines on a daily basis. This to search for anything and everything that they want.

Every time that you do so, what you’re leaving is a digital footprint, revealing your intent.

This could be from buying a pair of shoes, finding a solution for your diabetes, searching for your next vacation destination, or looking for a recipe.

What you’re doing is revealing to the search engines, what you?re thinking about and wanting.

Search engines then collect this data, the exact keywords that you use during your searches.

They will then either sell them to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisers, or will use the information to rank their web pages accordingly.

So if you?re wanting traffic to your blog, begin by understanding what your ideal customer is searching for, the exact keywords that they’re using, this by utilizing the latest keyword tools and methods that are available.

What you’re now able to do, is retrieve enough data, to understand the exact intent on what everyone online, is wanting and searching for.

Then you can attract buyers by using these exact keywords, that they’ll likely be using to find your product.

If you want immediate results, you can then place targeted ads in front of them, this by media advertising.

Reverse Engineer And Trap Who They Are

Similar to intent, what everyone exposes is information on exactly who they are.

Every time anyone posts an image on Facebook, what they?re broadcasting is not only their personality profile, but they’re also disclosing valuable personal data to the advertising companies.

This is what all the search engines and the social platforms do, is they’ll collect all this information so they could resell it for a profit to advertisers, or SEO experts.

What these marketers buy are the exact buyer keywords, that reveals the precise geographical and demographic information that they’re looking for, such as your gender, age group, education, race, income, etc.

Social Media Discloses All

Almost everyone is either on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Anyone who is someone, or has held a job or bought anything online, leaves a digital profile that anyone can obtain.

Social media as a result, has now collected the biggest rolodex in the world.

So regardless if you?re advertising to consumers or businesses, you can now find out exactly what your target market does and is thinking, and use that to your marketing advantage.

You can now find out exactly where they work, how much money they earn, what their spending habits are, as anyone can do so on you.

Know Exactly Where They Are

Realize that your smartphone acts as a tracking device, an electronic leash, that can also make phone calls and browse the Internet.

Mobile devices with the proper apps installed, is capable of revealing exactly where you are in the world, at all times.

What smartphones does, is provides a steady stream of Geo-localization user information, this on the grid.

This data can also be used by savvy marketers, so they can stalk where you are, and pounce on your nuances.

The mighty arms of the law, can target and track exactly where you are. Stores at the mall, can now deliver rebate coupons or discounts directly on your smartphone, the moment that you walk near their store.

Marketing To ‘Cyber’ Talk

What we as human will constantly do, is talk endlessly and excessively about what we?re doing, this in real-time, as well as doing so online by writing.

What anyone can do, is listen to or read this chatter, this cyber talk.

Whats tracked and recorded, are the exact online movements and conversations, that you?re having online right now.

What the marketers are looking for, are the ‘buyer’ intent keywords that’s related to their niche or product.

What these smart advertisers will then do, is run ad campaigns using Twitter for instance, by looking for keywords such as ?I?m starving for a burger,? if they operate a hamburger joint.

Then they’ll immediately push out mobile coupons, to those who are close to their restaurant, who uses these cyber keyword conversations. Any online marketer can now do so, with any product.

Tracking Where You’ve Been Online

What some wonder as it can become annoying to them, is how certain ads for products that they’re interested in, follows them around as they browse the Internet.

This is known as ‘retargeting.’

Once you happen to visit a site for a product that you might want to buy, what marketers will do is ?embed? a tracking pixel code on your browser, that identifies your interest in their product.

They?ll then track your movements or find out where you hangout online, such as on Facebook, and will show you the buyer the same banner ads that reminds you of their product.

This in the hopes that you’ll revisit their site, and hopefully buy their product.

Knowledge Remains King

What knowledge continues to hold is immense power in the digital world.

Knowing exactly where to look for your traffic is the key, as there?s now immense data that you can obtain to target market your goods or services.

Most online businesses, marketers and bloggers however, fail to take advantage of this immense information that’s now available.

What this data does however, is provides immediate results for those who do, if executed properly.

So decide to ramp up your marketing prowess, and realize that your current marketing methods to get traffic to your site, may no longer be that effective when targeting buyers.

You need to get on the cutting edge, of these newer digital marketing methods.

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