Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Made By Bloggers

Wednesday, July 17th, 2024
When it comes to online affiliate marketing, it appears it’s just the so called “gurus” especially when it comes to SEO, who are able to get the majority of the traffic to their blogs. They’re the ones who are able to convert on their “Calls to Action” and make the sales. It appears everyone else, is left out in the cold, as the traffic let alone the sales just trickles in.

The reason for this, is that most new affiliate marketers once they make a mistake and fail, will continue to make the same ones repeatedly.

They give up too easily once they fail, and will get discouraged thinking online marketing isn’t for them.

Realize that everyone lives in the same world of trial and error.

Everyone makes mistakes, but for some they remain mistakes, because they repeat them over and over again.

The key becomes isolating what these mistakes are, and then learning not to make them again by correcting them.

Stop Making Mistakes

To avoid making common mistakes when attempting to develop, execute, and profit from your marketing campaigns, you need to first realize what they are, and then stop making them.

When marketing a product or service, you need to know:

• Who your main buyer audience is
• What is the direct message you?re attempting to deliver to them?
• What is the main product or service you’re offering to them?
• Is your timing right?

Too often, what most will stubbornly do is keep making the same costly mistakes, resulting in the same poor performance on their marketing efforts.

Then they get flustered, frustrated, give up or quit as they slowly lose hope or go broke.

These mistakes can be avoided with better planning, giving attention to detail with ongoing tracking, testing, and evaluation.

So whatever method of marketing you?re doing, what you need is to isolate and correct what your most common mistakes are.

Not Testing And Tweaking Your Headline

The first thing your prospect reads, which only gets a slight glance just for a few seconds, is your headline and the absorption and interpretation of it.

The most captivating ones, will instantly turn your casual reader into a prospective buyer, prompting them to click on your link to read further.

You then need to give them precisely what you promised in your header, by over delivering compelling content which addresses their concerns. Then invite them to take action.

When affiliate marketing, constantly be testing and tweaking your headlines by split-testing them, and then evaluate the response and results.

What this ensures is that the marketing message is effective, which attracts the broadest range of prospective targeted buyers.

Not Testing Your “Offer”

When it comes to direct marketing, especially for the low attention span people on the Internet, what’s known is your offer just correlates to 40% percent of the responses you get.

If you have the exact offer your buying audience is looking for, then they?ll respond better.

There are other factors involved, such as the timing is off, or it’s too annoying or gimmicky.

Offers can range anywhere from limited time discounts, to ?while supplies last? prompts.

What you need is to be constantly testing and tweaking, to find out what converts the best.

Collect A Responsive Mailing List

Having award winning content, having the best price and the best offer, often at times isn?t enough to make the sale.

For the majority of marketing campaigns, your success depends on collecting a targeted list of people, who has interest in your product.

With all of the sophisticated list generation sales funnels now available, you can generate precise targeted lists that are highly responsive.

A list that is segmented, targeted based on the exact demographics and buying behavior, and every other human characteristic in between.

So if you?re wondering where to initially invest your marketing dollars, spend it on developing, collecting a list of names of your own, one that’s precisely targeted and responsive.

Retargeting Your Marketing Message

What’s known is that the average Internet surfer who’s browsing the Web for several hours, are now exposed to over 2,000+ marketing messages on a daily basis.

What’s also known is that consumers once they’re interested in a product, needs to be exposed to that product anywhere from 7 to 12 times, before they take notice, and hopefully take action.

So what you constantly need, is to bombard, communicate your product service or message to them, so they?ll take this notice.

Placing a single ad on Facebook or writing content on your blog, or just sending out a single email won?t deliver any effective results.

First, determine where your most ideal prospective buyers hang out at, on the Internet.

Then know what and how they use to gather the information that they need, and then develop an ongoing marketing campaign targeting them there.

Tracking Your Campaigns Effectiveness

What you need is to collect all the “juice” you can get, on where your blog or concern gets the traffic from, whether it be SEO or paid advertising.

If you?re an affiliate marketer wondering how you?re going to reach a prospective audience, what you?re going to need is effective tracking.

Regardless of the type of marketing campaign, it?s size or the expense, what you need is to track each and every one your visitors, every click, the traffic, the conversion rates.

This can be done with free or paid tracking methods, that are available on the Internet.

The bottom line is, that you need to record every movement, find out exactly where they?re coming from, what works and what doesn?t work, so you can constantly tweak for better results.

It Could Be The Timing

You may have the perfect product, a highly responsive mailing list, a great affiliate blog that precisely describes the product and offer.

But if your timing when marketing the product is off, then there will be no results, regardless of the effort exerted.

You usually find this out after doing all the spade work, by spending your time and effort writing content, or after a costly marketing campaign.

You’re execution is on point and compelling, but what you fail is to produce any results. So you wonder why.

There may be nothing wrong with your product, or your marketing method. It could be because the campaign was introduced to the consumer when they had no intent or interest in buying it.

For instance, trying to sell snow shovels on the Fourth of July, is not good timing.

Losing Rapport Failing To Communicate

One of the biggest mistakes that most marketers make, is they fail to communicate, to keep in touch with their prospects, new or old, with open dialogue.

Or, once they make the sale or earn a commission providing a service, they lose rapport, making them feel like they?re moving on to their next customer or conquest.

Most often, the consumer only hears from you, when it?s time to buy or renew again.

What you?ve established is a customer base, and you worked extremely hard to acquire them, so why leave them out in the cold.

You should be spending a portion of your time and marketing budget to retain them, to entertain them, give them freebies or discounts, otherwise they?ll leave.

Make sure that you keep an open dialogue with them on a daily or weekly basis. Solicit their feedback, respond to their emails in a timely manner, send emails out. Just communicate more.

Learn From The Mistakes You’ve Made

Starting a new affiliate marketing blog and writing content, may at times feel that you’re just throwing “crud” at the wall, and seeing what sticks.

Congratulations however, on taking this action, otherwise you’ll never know or find out what works or doesn’t work.

All you?re wanting, is to improve your conversion rates, to make more money while spending less time and energy doing so, or saving money on advertising dollars.

The biggest advantage you have is learning from the mistakes of others, rather than making your own mistakes.

To become successful, always be working towards improving your marketing effectiveness, this usually by finding out what doesn’t work.

Learn by finding out and stop making the most common marketing mistakes, and then discontinue or correct them.

Then you?re on your way to improving your ROI.

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