Ways To Increase Readers To Your Site With Paid Advertising

Tuesday, April 16th, 2024
There are many bloggers when wanting targeted readers to their site, when it comes to paid advertising, discover that it can be a costly expense. A possible waste of time and money, as it can burn a hole in their budget. This because of the volatile “hit-and-miss” nature of paid media.

Unless you’re able to run your blog entirely on referrals, or you happen to land on the first page of Google from precise SEO efforts, you need to get traffic to your site somehow, using alternate methods, such as paying for ads.

If you’re not time tested and experienced in online paid marketing, it can feel like a crap shoot at best.

What most novice marketers will do, once they do spend money on ads, will stop once they hit their first hurdle, which is no results and poor return on their money, and will quit.

Running ads using the various media services that are available however, can be the quickest way to generate traffic, this to get valid targeted visitors and leads.

What many don’t like, is that the ad money initially needs to be paid up front for their ads to test, where there’s uncertainty and high probability that they won’t convert.

If the ads initially do fail to make money, almost everyone gets the feeling that they’re throwing away their hard earned cash into a dark void, which sets them back financially.

These online marketers, then believe that affiliate marketing, and certainly paying for advertising isn’t for them, as the risk is too great, and the costs are slowly bleeding them out.

The Need To Market

No one makes any money until a positive action is taken, which is usually until someone converts or something is sold.

What’s known is that the majority of Affiliate Marketers, are hesitant to spend any money on advertising to get these results.

This despite they knowing that an effective paid marketing strategy, can potentially be the best way for them to make profit.

So what becomes necessary, is allocating some type of marketing budget, and then becoming determined to test for results, until the ads eventually convert and start earning money.

Your Blog Needs A Push

There are certain optimized blogs and websites, some products and services, that will appear on the first page of the search engines, while the majority never will.

These sites on the first page, immediately benefit from getting free traffic from the exposure on the exact keywords they’re targeting, which can potentially go viral.

The majority of sites however, the millions of them, are situated way back in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

So the solution is to spend dollars on ads, this to showcase the content or brand, this to make money, this to avoid going out of business.

Focused Target Marketing

What some marketers who are paid media experts claim, is that you shouldn’t go wide, but go deep instead.

But what’s always tempting, is to find the biggest buyer audience segment that you can in your niche or product.

What’s recommended instead, is focusing on a specific narrow demographic to begin with, that’s proven.

What accurately defining a narrow targeted market does, is it provides and sets a solid core foundation.

Doing so also sets strict parameters, which focuses your efforts better.

Think of it as a way to simplify and streamline your marketing campaigns and effort.

Find “Long-tail” Keyword Search Terms

What many will do is go after the most popular one-word keywords in their niche, the ones that get the most searches on the Internet.

What doing so does however, is forces you to compete with the big sites and the humongous budgets out there.

They will always outspend and outshine you.

There are some, who revels in the competition, but small or beginner Affiliate Marketing blog owners need to be more ninja to survive.

The Suddenly Savvy Buyers

What the latest most modern consumers are doing, when they’re searching for information, is completely transforming the search process.

It’s now become a highly customized experience, as those who now searches on the Internet to solve their problems, are now learning how to extract precise information than ever before.

So what’s recommended is using keywords that are more natural language phrases instead, which also often at times are easier to rank for.

So use 3 to 4 word “long-tailed” keywords, that states buyer intent.

Focus On Specific Qualified Leads

What most Affiliate Marketers will do is nurture their current leads, as they attempt to convert the same old ones they’ve collected.

Realize that these “leads” may no longer be that targeted any longer, as the tide has passed, and they’re no longer buying customers.

Don’t waste your time and effort babying these leads, that remains too high in your sales funnel and refuses to budge.

A qualified lead is more than someone, who offers to surrender their email address to you.

What you need to collect is their entire demographic profile, such as their identity, their intent, their budget.

If you know that your visitor is searching for something specific, then that’s a valuable starting point, when it comes to content creation.

What doing so does, is gives you a better opportunity of converting.

This by focusing on capturing that precise information initially upfront, rather than attempting to push those tired leads down the sales funnel.

The Profile Of Your Ideal Buyer

Know the exact type of person, who wants to and buys your product or service.

Profile these visitors individually, and then categorize them.

• What is the age group of the majority of your buyers
• What is their gender
• Where are they from geographically
• What’s their pain threshold
• What’s their price point
• What issues are you solving for them, etc.

If you refinance student loans for instance, you then need to find leads in that specific age demographic, and not chase those who are searching for credit card refinancing.

If you’ve clearly defined your target market, you can then send precisely aligned content their way.

Segmenting Your Channels

If you have an email list, you need to break it down into specific segments, such as, those who have expressed just glancing interest, and those who’s already bought from you in the past.

If you happen to have a traditional brick and mortar storefront, then segment your list into online and offline contacts.

Always refine your contact list, as doing so helps in precisely knowing where they’re at in the sales funnel.

Those who have never purchased from you, the content would be different from those you’re wanting to buy from you again.

If you have no idea or can’t remember who they are, then ask them by sending a survey or some type of bonus.

Converting Existing Buyers

There are some Affiliate Marketers who’ll just collect new leads, while not nurturing or defining the ones that they already have.

What needs to be targeted, are those who have bought from you in the past, as they have the greatest potential to buy again.

Remarket to these existing buyers, by offering them discounts, coupons, upgrades, or special offers.

Never treat them as one and done, but instead consider them as your best source of additional revenue.

Find Where Your Best Buyers “Hang-out”

What most Affiliate Marketers will do on social media, is just spend their time conversing with their product peers or competition.

What they should be doing instead, is chatting it up with their most ideal customers.

Also don’t stop, by just doing research and finding out where your best buying customers frequent, such as on forums, Facebook Groups, etc.

Find out what their pain points and thresholds are. Find out what their problems are, what they’re upset or arguing about.

Then develop tailored content on your blog, strategies and solutions on how to solve their various hurts.

Reverse Marketing Your Online Efforts

There are some bloggers, who will avoid online marketing like the plague. this because of its uncertain and volatile nature.

So all they do is continue to write content, and do nothing else, and then wonder why they don’t get any traffic.

Most struggle with establishing a budget for ads, while others will slash their advertising costs first, when their money gets tight.

The key becomes, do your due diligence and precise research first, by always testing.

If You Build It Will They Really Come?

What your blog visitors did, was initially have enough faith in you, to spend their time by clicking on your link to see what you have to offer.

So extend the same courtesy, have the same confidence in believing that your proposition, your content is good enough to convert.

Allocate a marketing budget that you feel comfortable with, and view it as an opportunity, and not a game of chance.

If you are able to motivate a targeted audience to take action, then that’s all the proof you need that it works.

That your content is good enough to generate leads, which will eventually start to convert and make you money.

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