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Thursday, July 18th, 2024
I was sitting in my home office today, trying to decide what to write about for my next blog post. I know it can be a difficult process as the brain churns away, because the niche is always the same, in this case Affiliate Marketing.The details of the topic of the article, is what needs to be different. I need to approach it from a different angle, a different perspective.

So I pondered aimlessly looking at my blinking cursor on my white computer screen, while listening to music in the background competing with the birds chirping outside. I decided to share my thoughts on how to make my blog successful.

I’ve attempted this before, but now I think I’ve finally figured out a way to express my honest feelings, this when it comes to attempting to operate a home based affiliate marketing business.

Not long ago, I signed up with an affiliate marketing training program, that was suggested to me by a friend of mine who’s a successful Internet marketer. So I did my due diligence by checking it out.

This person has been a huge influence on my life as an Affiliate Marketer and a friend, and me becoming a better person. I consider myself lucky to know him, because it’s difficult to find a mentor who I can trust in this business.

Someone who can take me by the hand and show me the ropes. How to avoid the scams, the pitfalls and the traps out there online.

So I decided that I’m going to do this, to give it my full effort and show everyone that if I can do it, then anyone can.

I’m going to explain to you how this can be your start, on how you can make money from home on the Internet, this by starting your own affiliate marketing business.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is defined as: A business relationship between a merchant and a marketer. The merchant allows the marketer to sell their products on their blog or website, for a commission once a sale is made.

Once a visitor clicks on a link from the marketers website, and subsequently makes a purchase, what the affiliate marketer receives is remuneration based on a predetermined amount of the sale. It could also be a referral fee or a pay-for-click fee.

Realize that almost every successful Internet marketer, got their start by becoming an affiliate marketer first, one way or another.

Step #1: Educate Yourself First
This is the key, and the common denominator for those affiliate marketers who are successful. What education does is lays down the foundation, establishes the building blocks for success. Begin by gathering the best information that you can find, and then completely absorb it.

Step #2: Take Advantage Of That Knowledge
Make sure that you turn that information you’ve learned into usable knowledge. Learning the best possible training that’s out there will become totally worthless, until you decide to put it to good use, to make it serve its intended purpose.

Step #3: Begin By Taking Immediate Action
Don’t follow the same mistake that the majority will make, and that’s not taking action. Start building your affiliate marketing business now. What’s certain is that you’ll make mistakes, even though you’ve invested all that time educating yourself. So be prepared for failure and overcome it.

Step #4: Test And Test Again And Always Be Tweaking
Always be testing and make the necessary tweaks. Continue to do so and never stop. This is often the dividing line between those who succeeds, and those who fail. What paying attention to the finest details does, is turns into big rewards.

Have The Proper Outlook

I believe that the most important approach when starting a home based affiliate marketing business and making it work, is your attitude and outlook on life.

You really need to be a positive person, be water tight and not get easily defeated and down on yourself, if you’re wanting to succeed.

Those who are able to earn money from home, usually has a great demeanor in every area of their life. How you approach your life, will be severely tested when you’re out there on your own, trying to stay afloat in a home business setting.

If you get easily discouraged, and will give up the first time that you fail, then you definitely won’t make it in this type of work. I make mistakes all the time, but I try not to make the same one twice.

It’s okay and expected to make mistakes, as that’s how you learn and grow. The home business market is extremely competitive, and it changes on a daily basis.

There are a lot of brilliant people out there, who knows what it takes, the rigors to be successful. When you start your own online business, realize you’ll be up against these types of people.

As you grow your business, you’ll either sink or swim. You’ll need to rise above the crowd, from the competition to excel.

To do this, you’ll need to just be better. If you’re not able to be better, then you’re just making it more difficult on yourself to succeed.

Getting Your Feet Wet

The initial stage is the most important step; as you’ll make or break your business during this time. So tell yourself. ‘I Can Do This, I’ve Got This’

This is when your positive attitude kicks in, and will be the driving force behind your success. Not everyday is a holiday.

How you react to the trials and the errors, the faults and the tribulations will shape your future in the home business market.

It’s okay to fail in certain areas as that’s expected. What’s unacceptable is to not try again. The best way to learn is from failing, you just need to try it a different way.

If you copy what everyone else is doing, you’ll eventually hit a wall, and you won’t be able to work past that hurdle, because you haven’t established yourself as an individual in this business.

Find The Support You Need

When first getting started, I suggest that you find someone who’s already successful in this business; or join a training program with other like minded entrepreneurs, to learn the ropes.

Beware that there are a lot of people in this industry who claims to be successful; but guess what’ Most of them aren’t.

They want you to think that they are, in order for them to make some money off of you, or just to pump up their ego, so don’t be gullible to that.

What Is Success To You

It’s important for you to have your own definition of success, when starting anything new, especially becoming an entrepreneur.

There are some who believes that being successful, is how much money they make. Others relate success to how much free time they have.

The list is endless. Everyone’s reason for success is usually somewhere in between.

Before you start determining your own definition of success, begin by setting goals for yourself first.

“I don’t need to make $1000 a day to be successful. I just need to make enough money where it makes me happy working from home, and not for someone else.”

“Like many others, I’m not someone who likes to work for other people. So all I want to start with, is to make enough money to support myself and my family. For now, that’s my definition of success.”

Start With The Basics

I believe in telling people the truth, when it comes to what the reality is in the online affiliate marketing world.

If you are wanting to get rich overnight, you’ll then be disappointed, as this business is far from that.

Working from home is extremely hard. The isolation will make you feel lonely, the freedom will seduce you to relax and do nothing. So you need to be motivated and disciplined.

It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to get started. If it was that easy, then everyone who buys that $10 ebook would all be millionaires.

Affiliate marketing is extremely competitive and can be difficult to do, because everybody wants to make massive money from the comfort of their home.

To Get On Track

Finding a mentor, can be as easy as using a search engine. You’ll instantly find someone who’s successful, as they’ll rank high in the SERPs.

Once you do find someone, then do your due-diligence by researching them, to see if they’re legit. Read the reviews from those who’s dealt with them.

Rise Above The Crowd

Don’t become disheartened when I said that Affiliate Marketing, is one of the most competitive industries in the world.

There are an abundance of affiliate marketing businesses, because of the low cost of entry. All that’s needed is a computer with Internet access.

The advantage you have, is that there are billions of people on the Internet, and thousands of people who will read your blog and wants to buy your product or service right now.

The great thing about the Internet, is that it offers you and everyone else the ability to learn something new everyday.

The Internet Levels The Playing Field

Know that every one of your top competitors in affiliate marketing, are giving you all of their secrets on a silver platter, and most don’t even realize it.

All you need is to search for them online, and you will find their blog, all their blog posts, and how they advertise and promote.

All you then need to do, is just check out their content and compare yours to theirs. You just need to be better than them.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Realize that you will initially face adversity in this business; so always remain positive, and expect to fail in the beginning. Make it a point to yourself, not to quit once you experience any setbacks.

1. – Have The Willingness To Learn
You need a strong desire to learn, and the willingness to be trained. To tread through unfamiliar territory can be tough, especially if you lack the knowledge. What you need is the right mindset, and a strong work ethic.

2. – Just Tire Them Out
When first starting out, use the experience of others to learn as you go. Expect to fail often, expect to become frustrated but never quit. All it comes down to is ambition. What you need is the energy to outlast your competition.

3. – Investment Of Time And Effort
You need patience, time and effort when starting your affiliate marketing business and to make it grow, as you most likely won’t see immediate results. Don’t become discouraged or begin to procrastinate during this time.

4. – Be Determined
If you’re wanting to make it in affiliate marketing, you need the determination to constantly push yourself forward. The ability to push yourself through hardship, to be determined to reach your goals.

5. Have The Discipline
You need plenty of self discipline. To work feverishly every day at your online business, and not make any excuses. You need to treat this as a real business and not just a job or a hobby. You need to believe that your dreams are coming true.

6. Always Remain Optimistic
You need to be optimistic and remain positive at all times. If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it. Choose to rise above the crowd. Having a bad attitude will stop you dead in your tracks from pursuing what you want in life.

Join A Forum Or A Community

Make it a point to join an Affiliate Marketing community when you first get started, and continue to use it for support.

There are plenty of people, who are novice or experienced in these communities that you can learn from. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today, without the help from these people.

What we’re all trying to do, is collectively reach the same goals. If you’re able to learn one idea that will help you, then your time was worth it.

Also always try to bring something to the table yourself, contribute and help anyway that you can.

If you just keep on taking, people will soon catch on; so make sure that you share your own experiences and success tips. The more that you share, the more you’ll gain back.

One word of warning however, is don’t get caught in the easy trap of spending too much time in this community, as it’s a safe haven. All that you’re doing, is just procrastinating from doing any work.

Be True To The Game

Always be honest with yourself and genuinely show that you want to help others, then you’ll be successful.

Most are aware that the online marketing field, is flooded with scam artists, waiting to pounce and take your money. They might get away with being dishonest for a while, but it will eventually catch up to them.

No one is bigger than the game. Find your place in this industry and the rest will take care of itself.

The more credible that you are and become, the more followers and colleagues that you’ll have.

If you have a strong supporting cast, you’ll then become successful.

There are some tips on how I can help you build your affiliate marketing business, so you can start making money from home.

Start By Taking Action

Like I said, find and latch onto a mentor, or a community or a membership, and insert and apply yourself with those who are trying to accomplish the same things you are.

Try to stay away from programs, that want you to sell to your friends and family. I’ve always believed in separating business from pleasure.

You shouldn’t need to rely on your friends and family to be successful. Once you do become successful, then those people will come to you.

Build a blog that looks nice, one that people will gravitate to. Check out your competition, take a look at all the professional blogs out there. That’s what you’re up against.

Ask others for their honest opinion and advice on your blog, and what it looks looks like to them. Take their advice to heart. if it’s bad, it’s bad.

Create Content Create A Traffic Jam

What you then need is traffic to your blog, and you need plenty of it. There are a variety of ways to do so.

Begin by writing as many articles as you can; get your name, brand, and product out there so you’ll be noticed.

The search engines and your readers are always hungry for new content. When you write articles and publish it, you want it to remain on the Internet for a long time.

Creating a blog, is found to be the best way of sharing your thoughts and ideas about anything. If it’s good, then an audience will find you.

Write content and keep on writing content until you become credible. Make everyone become interested in what you have to say and offer.

What you then want is to trade links with other sites, and get readers to comment and share your posts on their blogs and on social media.

Get Your Blog Out There

Trading links with other blogs and websites is what makes it go viral, and the search engines will take notice.

The goal is to get as many people you associate with in your community, to want to trade links with you or make comments on your blog posts.

The best way to attract targeted organic visitors to your blog, is still the search engines. So find ways to get ranked by them.

Advertising On The Internet

One thing for certain that I can tell you, is to be careful when spending money on advertising.

Online advertising is extremely competitive, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose a lot of money quickly.

I suggest that you first exert your time and effort, on getting ranked on the search engines for your traffic. It’s also the most precise buyer traffic that you can get.

What many will unfortunately do however, is get started in affiliate marketing by advertising on the Internet.

They will then often lose wads of money and will soon quit, convinced that Internet marketing isn’t for them.

Instead, start slow and steady, observe, expect to make mistakes. Get help from others, and try not to make the same mistakes they do.

I’ve been able to minimize my mistakes by asking a lot of questions, by observing how other home based business entrepreneurs, found success.

Learning from each other is the best way to succeed; this once combined with knowledge, drive and dedication.

You’ll then be on your way in this business. I wish you the best of luck. Always remember to believe in yourself, hang in there and HAVE FUN!

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