Using Social Media To Increase Website Traffic To Your Blog

Thursday, June 13th, 2024
What you’ve just posted is excellent SEO fortified blog content, so you now want to ramp up your social media efforts to accelerate the process of getting traffic. What you want is to expedite the task of getting indexed and ranked by the search engines sooner, by getting a “boost” by contributing to your various social media accounts.

First you need to create and furnish your accounts, by including your profile image, your background cover, your bio. Basically to make yourself look presentable and professional.

What you want is to get your social content that you want to present, in order. Begin by adding links back to your website.

Even if these social media accounts aren’t “followed” links, there?s still some potential to driving traffic to your blog.

You should then start searching for and engaging with influencers in your niche or industry.

Begin by adding thoughtful comments to their posts and their communities, basically trying to get yourself noticed by providing value.

The Rules Of Social Media

Every social media platform has its quirks, so you’ve got to read up on the best practices on how you can get real followers to like you.

Building an organic following takes time. You can?t expect hundreds of people to follow you on your first week.

You?ll need to consistently pay attention to what?s happening on your social media channels, be alert to what the influencers are doing, and try to place yourself within their sights.

The most important thing you can do on social media, is to be as social as possible. You need to be warm, inviting and friendly. You should be proactively reaching out to your target audience.

Accelerating Your Social Media Reach

If you want to speed up your social media presence, then you may want to consider spending some money on ads.

One of the most affordable options for social media, is Facebook Ads.

This platform now has over 2 billion active users, and their targeting options are hands down the best on the planet.

You can go as deep and wide as you like, and target really obscure demographics.

You can install Facebook’s pixel on your site, to track your visitors (which isn’t the same as Google Analytics).

What it does, is it allows you to “retarget” those who has previously visited your website.

What the pixel does is it keeps track of that person, and once they go back on Facebook, you?ll be able to serve your ads to those specific people.

Guest Posting Opportunities On Authority Sites

Guest posting or guest blogging, means submitting content on someone else?s blog, preferably a more established brand than yours, who has a good number of followers.

Doing so is great for increasing your brand?s exposure to new audiences, while building relationships with influencers in your niche.

When looking for sites to guest post on, you should first look for ones that are closely related to your niche, or are within the same industry.

Doing so has two benefits:

1. – You?ll be able to demonstrate your expertise, and
2. – The search engines will love the fact that you?re getting backlinks from authority sites in the same niche

To guest blog, you can reach out to the site owner via social media, or you can contact them directly on their website.

First, check to see if the site accepts guest bloggers. If they do, then read their rules first, before you send in your pitch.

Even if you?re a new blogger, you can still land some great guest posting opportunities.

If your published content is able to demonstrate your writing prowess, and you come across as a total professional in your pitch, then the chances are, you?ll get the gig.

If you want to guest write for a coveted popular blog, or they have stringent guest posting rules, you might want to build a relationship with the webmaster first.

Show them you?re a fan by making yourself known in the comments section, or by reaching out to them on social media or email.

What you’re basically doing, is putting yourself in front of them!

• If they respond back to you once you’ve got their attention, then send them your pitch
• Once you gain their approval, make sure your content lives up to your promises
• You want to impress them and their audience, to the point they want to follow you back

Guest posting is usually a slow process. You can?t do all this in a day or a week, so you should start today.

Begin by starting a spreadsheet of related blogs, that you want to guest post on.

Make sure you diligently follow up on your contacts, and keep on top of your pitches over the next few weeks and months.

Reach Out To Social Influencers In Your Niche

Social influencers, are basically people running successful brands with a considerable following on social media.

There are plenty of influencers you can contact, on the various social platforms out there.

So whether they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social site, you?ll usually find an influencer.

Convincing them to give your brand a shoutout however, is an entirely different story.

Most influencers receive a lot of pitches on a daily basis, from those like you, who wants to leverage their fan base to get the word out about their product or service.

So you need to stand out from the crowd somehow.

What some influencers accept, is monetary payment or “in-kind” payment before promoting products.

Try to find out how the influencer can benefit from your relationship, so you can use that in your pitch.

If you?re selling a product you know their followers are going to love, you can send a free sample to that influencer and ask them to review your product.

Or, you can give them a discount code or an affiliate commission, if their followers? purchases the item.

When reaching out to influencers, make sure you choose those who are actually in your industry.

If you?re in the facial care niche, then you wouldn?t want some pet store site promoting your product.

How To Find Influencers

You can use a tool like Buzzsumo ( to look up the key influencers in your niche, or you can look for them manually.

Searching manually however, can be a time consuming process. You can easily spend days and still only have a few people on your list.

Note that if you?re paying for influencers or sending products to them, you need to make sure that their followers are genuine.

The reason is, because it’s extremely easy to inflate ones social following these days.

There are a variety of ways to “game” the system, to create fake social profiles.

What some will do, is buy social followers on Fiverr for instance, which of course are all fake!

You?ll know they?re fake, because they may have a lot of followers (say 100,000), but their posts only gets 1 or 2 likes or comments, which is extremely low engagement.

What you?re looking for, is an influencer with an active community.

It?s okay if they only have a few thousand followers, if these are all real people who contributes or engages with the influencer, which is a great sign.

Comment On Popular Articles And Blog Posts

You may of heard that blog commenting is dead. The reality is it?s still very much alive.

Most blogs also have a ?no follow? tag for comments, which means your links are basically worthless in the eyes of the search engines (in terms of SEO juice).

Don?t forget that people still read comments, especially on popular sites.

The key to blog commenting, is to provide thoughtful comments that gets people to either ask more questions, or get them to share their views.

You shouldn’t just comment ?Hey, great blog post? or ?Nice awesome content? and expect people to click over to your site.

These types of comments, are also commonly left by spammers and spambots.

Provide Diligent Comments
If you want to stand out from other commenters, you need to take the time to actually read the content, and write something thoughtful.

Make your comment sound intelligent, one that’s written by someone who’s genuinely interested about the topic at hand.

When people read your comment, you want them to be blown away.

Then they?re going to get curious about who you are, and that?s when they?ll click over to your site.

You can get referral traffic from blog commenting for a long period of time, especially if that piece of content ranks high on Google.

The only problem with blog commenting, is that when you?re commenting on really popular articles, your comment may get buried.

The solution to this, is by subscribing to the site?s RSS feed.

The moment they publish new content, you’ll get a head?s up, and you can be one of the first commenters.

When commenting, use your full name (such as John Smith), and not your brand name.

Any comment written by someone with a suspicious name, is probably going to get ignored by the site?s readers.

So if you want to come across as human and not a bot, then use your real name.

It also helps build your personal brand, and makes your name recognizable to the blog owner and their community.

2 Ways To Feature Your Content

Reaching out to blogs and asking them to feature your content, will only work if your content is extremely valuable.

Content that will actually add value to the authority blog, and provides an additional resource for their readers.

Doing so might appear difficult at first, but if you know you?ve got relevant content they?ll love, then don?t hesitate to reach out.

Obviously, you?re going to research beforehand, which blogs are going to be a good match for your content.

You can?t just randomly reach out to popular sites, and ask them to feature your content because you think it?s good for their readers.

1.) – Target Roundup Posts
The definition of a roundup post, is it’s a collection, a compilation of “expert” answers to a question.

To start, look for sites that publish roundup posts.

You can do so by typing this query in Google ?your keyword + roundup.?

Then go through the list of sites, and see if there’s any that’s going to be a good fit for you.

Contact those that makes your list, introduce yourself and send them a link to your best content that you have.

What you want, is to impress these webmasters, so they?ll feature and link back to your site.

2) – The Broken Link Building Method
While this may take some time, and not everyone?s going to reply back to you, the potential payoff can be huge.

What you basically do, is look for dead or broken links on authority blogs, and tell them about it.

Offer them alternative link suggestions, such as a link back to your blog content.

When suggesting your link, you should make sure your content is relevant to the content you?re seeking to replace.

Otherwise, they may not see the need to replace the dead link, or may just opt to remove it altogether.

When contacting webmasters, try not to sound too needy or desperate.

Keep in mind, you?re trying to help them out.

By replacing the dead link with a much better link, you?re helping them improve the user experience on their site.

Try to put yourself in the webmaster?s shoes:

? Would you give yourself the time of day?
? Would you swap out the dead link with some random Internet stranger?s website?

If you can give a definitive “yes,” then you?re on the right track.

But if not, then rewrite your content until you can convince the webmasters you?re reaching out to, that your suggested link is a great alternative.

Making Content Marketing Work

Content marketing is all about having a system in place. You also need to build it up over time.

Writing content on your blog is just the start.

You just can’t hope that the search engines will place you on the first page of their rankings, which is proving to be a difficult process, especially if it’s a saturated niche.

You?ll need to find out which methods work the best for your blog, your niche and your audience.

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