Ways On How To Start Establishing Your Personal Online Brand

Saturday, June 15th, 2024
What we’re constantly doing at all times, good or bad, is building our own personal brand. This brand is associated with our face, our blogs, as we continue to create our own personal identity, a network that features ourselves.

We do so, to represent who we are, since we want to establish our identity, and have something to stand for. This in the new age of the Internet, where personification rules.

What the Internet and it’s evil step child social media demands, is instant gratification of everything immediate.

Where anything that we do or say, can go viral, so be careful what you wish for.

We, they, and everyone else who cares, will listen and read us, often critique us, because of what we represent, who we are, as we project some type of meaning or harm to them.

This can be our opinion of recent current events, our angst in times of anger or weakness, or what it’s like to be human in a techno world.

Regardless of what we choose to talk about, how we express ourselves, the Internet has now become our sounding board.

So what we happen to say, how we express it, has become the lens of how others view and judge us.

So building a personal online brand does matter, and is the reason why we create our blogs, this to rant. rave or flourish.

These digital “brand” channels that we produce for ourselves are important, this for our professional and personal growth. We can direct what we want our personal brands to become.

If someone likes us, then they will follow. So build, write, cultivate, and feed it to the hungry minds out there, because your voice does matter.

Decide What You Want To Become

The simplicity yet the complexity, of building your own personal brand, is that it’s a naked canvas.

It then becomes your choice, on which colors you want your virtual persona to become.

It’s first vital to know who you are, and then stay on track and remain uniform on certain topics. Start a trend, become groovy, express what you’re passionate about.

Decide Who You Want To Represent

What you already have is a built in audience, you just don’t realize it yet.

So before you begin, envision it, know the precise market segment that you want to target and are wanting to represent.

You need to define who you are wanting to segment, and then influence them with persuasion.

Decide which demographic that you want to approach. Know the exact niche that you’ll be infiltrating, be it weight loss, money making opportunities, or the love lorn.

Create Your Identity Markers

Your personal online brand, won’t mean anything unless you have an identity, a distinguishable marker of who you are.

So create a virtual birthmark, a recognizable uniqueness that sets you apart from everyone else.

What your brand needs to say, is that this is me, this my space, my domain.

Develop a personal identifiable logo, one that will set you apart from everyone else online.

Network To Excess

Network, until you can’t network any longer, then find reasons to network some more, never stop.

This is what others as well as businesses who are in your space are doing.

This is how branding goes viral, how ideas can spread, how perspectives and values can turn into a trend.

What everyone loves to do is share, to be the first, to be hip. So talk to them about themselves.

Get them excited on social media, and never stop communicating to them. Know that every word you speak, every click that’s influenced by you, helps spread your good brand.

What doing so does is it excites while encourages, allowing you to connect with others of influence. Those who already have a path laid out, will then help you lay one down for you and your identity.

Move Forward Never Look Back

You won’t accomplish anything in life without taking a risk, so never play it safe.

You won’t get anywhere if you procrastinate. That you might do it tomorrow, while laying on your back and daydreaming about how great you’re going to be one day.

You expect to get there, without ever doing any work, that just thinking about it will suffice.

You’re wanting to build something big for yourself, and become successful, yet you’re sitting there idle on the sidelines waiting.

Know that mindset will never materialize.

Realize that the things you want to achieve, won’t happen for you automatically by mind power alone, you’re not Kreskin.

So develop a plan, a goal, then have the courage to take action, and then become relentless about it. Never stop.

Create Your Personal Online Brand

Right now is the time and the opportunity to active this plan, your plan.

You know you’re wanting to break away from the conventional, and attack things differently, this to stand out and be noticed. So start doing so right now, by coloring outside the lines.

Begin by building a website, start a personal blog, as this will be your online identity.

Search for and find the perfect theme, the exact design that expresses who you are, one that represents your beliefs, your convictions, something that screams ‘this is me.’

Once you lay down the foundation that you can call your own, then take all of those ideas that have been percolating, and put them into forward motion.

Push yourself off the cliff beyond being comfortable. Do something that scares the living daylights out of you.

Make An Online Dent

Spread yourself around, as doing the labor that is legwork becomes important, and will pay off in the long run.

Meet others who are on your wavelength, and then exchange blog URLs, emails, and social media addresses. Express your thoughts, and profusely share them.

Doing this can at times be difficult for some, a cakewalk for others.

Regardless, hang in there and do it anyways. Start making a personal brand name for yourself online, and never stop until you make it.

Once you start establishing your mark on the Internet, then those who you’re wanting to influence into your circle, will begin flocking towards you, and take notice.

They will then begin associating who you are, with your personal brand.

Use word of mouth, write with impact, meet them face-to-face, do anything that you can to light yourself on fire.

Your unique online identity, is how you differentiate yourself from others, who are in the same niche or industry as you. Everyone will then recognize you, because you stand out.

Be As Consistent As Possible

Make sure that you spread your personal brand name with photo attached, everywhere online. On your blog, and on your social media accounts.

Make sure you include your contact information, email address. and phone number. Always use the same branding trademarks and be consistent.

Being relentless will keep you relevant. Let everyone know that they’re up to date with who you are.

Then they’ll begin to recognize that you’re trending, while connecting you with your personal identifiable brand. Then rinse and repeat.

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